When you work with me what you are really working with is an emissary, an inter-dimensional library card that has access to the Great Mother, the Infinite Field. Frequency Tuning, is the basis for all of my work. It is all about honing, fine tuning, refining and raising the vibration of the energy field that you are. You are an energy field, part of the infinite, and part of the Great Mother. Frequency tuning lifts your vibration to empower and illuminate that field, so that you can hold more light, be more grace and live more love. 

Whether through an audio, an article, a 1-1 mentoring session or a telegathering, the offerings through Chalice of Wisdom assist you in becoming the being that you truly are. If this calls to you, please watch the video, sign up for the newsletter (Currents) or listen to some of the information on the Media page.