Starstream Uplevel Transmissions


Starstream Uplevel Transmissions


For those who have had an initial activation with Nalini or another practitioner, these upgrades broaden and enlarge open circuitry within your being so that your stellar nature can begin to take over your day to day functions.

Each of these transmissions carries an acceleration and re-bundling of frequencies that enhances the light codings already active within your bodies and re-optimizes these codings to amplify your resonance. The amplification of your stellar codings will allow you to more easily attune your essence to HER Source within.

I - Grounding-on-Starlight - 28 min

ll - Lightstream-Attunement - 31 min

III - Ignited-Beingness - 35 min

IV - Integrated-Beingness - 30 min

V - Crystalline-Flow - 30 min

(Level 2 Startstream Activation - 5 mp3 recordings)

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