Oracular Sonic Resonator


Oracular Sonic Resonator

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 "...profoundly life-changing, and incredibly uplifting."

"The (field tuning) experience is profoundly life-changing, and incredibly uplifting. Each time I come to play with my image and sound files, I have a different experience, and each one of those experiences is specifically focused on what is most supportive of my field and Essence. What all these experiences have in common is an ever-increasing sense of play and joy and connection. There is also a wonderful empowerment that flows from creating and listening to my own sound mixes. It is fun to observe the flowing, the newness, and the true sense of connection with Source that appears when I sit with my sounds and image. And this perception is now not limited to the "tuning time". It has become a seamless part of my "daily" being on this planet. I feel the Essence of this Being shines more clearly, more brightly, and more joyfully now, and I know that is the direct result of interacting with this amazing (and fun!) tool."
- A.H.