For over 30 years, I’ve been mentoring people from around the world, both in  private and group settings. Mentoring people to help them connect to their true selves and to  walk their own path continues to be the lifeblood of what I do today.

I hope you find a program  here that fits into your life.  I look forward to working with you soon.


Individual and Group Mentoring



Private mentoring is a one-on-one arrangement where I can help bring alignment into whatever area of your life it may be needed. If you want to step into your spiritual maturity now, then private mentoring is a perfect way to dive in and make lasting change.

If you’re seeking 1-on-1 attention and care, private mentoring is the program for you.

Living in society (especially in western culture) has trained our minds and bodies in ways that limit us as we try to move into higher frequencies. Sometimes it takes the deep focus and intensity of private mentorship to break into higher frequencies of being.

In each session, we first talk briefly about whatever might have prompted you to request the adjustment. Then, Source moves through us both to optimize your energy configuration and attune it so that you vibrate at higher frequencies.

The result of this process is you living an optimized expression of yourself in the world. The higher and more truly you vibrate, the better you navigate. When we each radiate our home frequencies, we harmonize the world around us.

DISCOUNTED RATE FOR LIVING A NEW DESTINY MEMBERS: Those participating in the Living A New Destiny mentoring series are eligible to receive personal mentoring sessions at a discounted rate of $128. A coupon code (published on the membership page) can be applied at online checkout.

All sessions are recorded unless you request otherwise. You will receive an mp3 recording via email within a day or so after your session is complete.

Each session is 30 minutes.



If you’re a passionate entrepreneur who wants to apply spiritual principles to your work so you can make lasting change while also making a living, this is the program for you. Not many people hold the position to be able to make as much of a cultural impact as entrepreneurs do. This is sacred work and should be embraced as such.

Our entrepreneurial culture out west is largely out of tune with its greatest, most spiritual potential. Other cultures are more aligned with spirit. The Japanese, for example, see commercial building sites as sacred ground and perform a Shinto blessing before the first shovel hits the dirt.

Without a solid spiritual foundation, you risk building your business on shaky ground. When you learn to work with the elements, you will become attuned to how they can rise to assist you. You will be able to move forward  with confidence that you are building a solid and sustainable foundation that will support you as you grow.

Some of us have done this naturally. We’ve built our organizations with strong spiritual roots without even knowing it. But for the rest of us, the good news is this foundation can be put in place at any time (but sooner is always better than later and will save you a lot of work and heartache in the long run).

Every day, there are more and more clickbait articles and cookie cutter courses popping up online with the latest and greatest business advice. If you’re here, you likely understand that most of these digital offerings are merely cloaked advertisements or empty promises. You’re seeking something more solid. As a business owner and consultant as well as a master spiritual teacher in succession for over 30 years, I bring real world expertise along with mentorship to help customize a program for you to build the strongest entrepreneurial structure that you can.

Each session is recorded and an mp3 recording will be delivered via email within 24 hours of the conclusion of the session.

Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes in length, depending entirely upon Divine discretion.

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This 1-1 session is an opportunity to receive an individual transmission of Grace from the Divine Mother. What does SHE feel you need to know right now? What is HER message for you at this time? How can you align more within HER Oneness?
All sessions are recorded unless you request otherwise. You will receive an mp3 recording via email within a day or so after your session is complete.

Each session is 20 minutes in length.



This advanced mentoring program is for you if you feel you are quite  psychically and intuitively developed, and you want to go deeper while growing alongside others who are vibrating at the same level as you. Living A New Destiny is mentoring in a group setting where you’re shown how to learn, remember, hone, and refine your energy skills so that you can use them in a practical way.

This online community includes exclusive access to the following:

  • A monthly teleconference with extensive Q&A at the end of each session (recorded and posted on the membership page in mp3 format for those who can’t attend live)

  • Blog articles tailored to the needs of the community

  • Videos tailored to the needs of the community

  • Priority email access to me

  • Forums to help you connect with those on similar paths.

Though this is a community-directed program (it evolves towards the needs of the group), a specific focus is placed on the ever-shifting individual and collective energy fields and how to best navigate through them. If you want to commit to the deep inner work needed to live a fully empowered life, this program is for you.

Participants in this program are also eligible for discounted Attunement sessions with Nalini. The discount code is published on the membership page. 

*This is a monthly program by subscription. Your account will be debited on the same day each month according to your sign-up date. You may cancel and/or re-subscribe at any time.