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I mentor people through 1-1 sessions, an annual program called Living A New Destiny, and semi-annual LIVE intensives in special locations around the world. Complete descriptions of private mentoring and the Living A New Destiny program are listed below. Intensives are posted as we plan them, on the Retreats & Journeys page.

Individual and Group Mentoring

Living A New Destiny

A monthly membership program* for those interested in learning to live in the accelerated energies of 2018 and beyond. Participants have access to ‘member only’ blog posts and videos by Nalini addressing current energies and issues. The member page is where Nalini posts ‘Assignments’ in the form of recommended reading and videos that help to keep you attuned to your home frequencies. Nalini will answer all comments posted to the blogs. A monthly teleconference, focused on Q&A, is always recorded and posted on the membership page in mp3 format, for those who cannot attend live. Participants in this program are also eligible for discounted Attunement sessions with Nalini. The discount code is published on the membership page. $139.00 per month by subscription

Program Benefits

  • a deep immersion in what it is to be immersed in an accelerated field of consciousness
  • regular energy updates and basic practices for training your ‘home frequency’ muscles
  • interaction with like-vibrationed beings who value what you value and hold consciousness as ‘key'
  • an energetic space to call ‘home’ as you learn to function in higher vibrations

*Monthly program by subscription. Your account will be debited on the same day each month according to your sign-up date. You may cancel and/or re-subscribe at any time.

Private Mentoring Session

We are all adjusting to accelerated vibrations and new ways of living. Our minds and bodies have been trained in ways that do not function optimally in higher frequencies. In each session we first talk briefly about whatever might have prompted you to request the adjustment. Then, Source moves through us both to optimize your energy configuration and attune it so that you vibrate at higher frequencies. This optimzes your expression in the world. The higher and more truly you vibrate, the better you navigate. When we each radiate our home frequencies, we harmonize the world around us.

**Those participating in the Living A New Destiny mentoring series are eligible to receive personal mentoring sessions at the discounted rate of $128. A coupon code (published on the membership page) can be applied at online checkout.

All sessions are recorded unless you request otherwise. You will receive an mp3 recording via email within a day or so after your session is complete.

Each session is 30 minutes.

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Entrepreneurial Energy Attunement

It is time for us to stream the light that comes through us into the new realities we are creating.

These sessions have a single focus. The Infinite opens, expands, and alters the circuits and frequency capacity of your motherboard to both handle more light and to laser-focus it into your expression in the world. New realities are igniting and it is time to ladle light as the love that you are, no matter what your arena of creation might be.

Other expansions can be addressed in Nalini’s 1-1 mentoring program, Living A New Destiny, or in an individual session.

Each session is recorded and an mp3 recording will be delivered via email within 24 hours of the conclusion of the session.

Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes in length, depending entirely upon Divine discretion.

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