Walk A(New)Way
by Nalini MacNab

The rich and beautiful account of a child born awake in this world. 

"As I stepped out into the sun, I glanced down. Surprised, I saw that my sandals had become older and more worn. My khaki walking pants had become the folds of blue robes. My hair was lying down my back, under a light blue mantle, instead of pulled up as I had arranged it that morning..."  Excerpt from Chapter 1 ~ The Vision

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What readers are saying...


Tina Van Leuven

Every once in a while a new book is published that you just can't put down... This is such a book! It is Nalini MacNab's story of coming into this world awake and her journey 💙
As she says: "May ‘my’ journey speak to yours, as light responding to light."

Aodaoin Hathaway

In Walk A(New)Way, Nalini MacNab gifts us with a profoundly beautiful story of light incarnate, and shines a beacon for all who wonder “how it’s done” on this world. New insights and treasures are to be found in each reading and re-reading of this book, as through sharing her own adventures in light and being, Nalini weaves the melody of a long-forgotten but once deeply-loved and familiar song into the heart of reader, creating an opening for the knowing of what it truly is to walk a new way.   

Condra Thomas

In her new book, Walk A(New)Way, Nalini MacNab opens her life, her learnings, and her discoveries to all who wish to see. Journey with her through hills, valleys, mountains, oceans, writing, the tech world, and beyond... Always filled with and flowing in love, light, and laughter.

This is a book you won’t forget.