Virtual Journey Rennes le Château


Virtual Journey Rennes le Château


Welcome to mystical journeying! This web-based app is an experience of the interdimensional portal that exists at Rennes le Chateau. Enjoy on any of your devices. The physical journey was the onset of a ten-year cycle of visions and other amazing experiences. May it open a new journey experience for you as well!

The package includes: 
- images from the physical location presented in slideshow format
- audio track describing the site energies and a vision that occurred here
- meditation audio for tuning in to this portal
- music tracks for frequency tuning through meditation and contemplation

This adventure can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and many many times, as you deepen into your own experience of visioning and dreaming, aided by the opening at this location.

The ‘app’ runs on any device though images are best viewed on a larger screen.

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