Interview: abundant soulpreneurs

Waking up is not for sissies. Nalini talks with Tina van Leuven of Abundant Soulpreneurs about spiritual tourism, surrender, discipline and doing the work.

Interview: abundant soulpreneurs

Nalini talks with Tina van Leuven of Abundant Soulpreneurs about how to recognise a true spiritual awakening, how enlightment does not mean transcending physical challenges, and practical tips to support your awakening.

Interview with Tina Van Leuven

December 2017 Solstice and what's in store for 2018... Nalini talks about the current Solstice window and how it is supporting us in new emerging realities. She has some suggestions for daily rituals to support us in being fully present in our bodies through these mega upgrades of light. Plus a preview of what 2018 has in store for us. 


The Only Meaningful Conversation

Interview with Amy Torres. Published on Aug 26, 2017. Nalini speaks about what the ego really is, reveals more on the life of Mary Magdalene, shares the miraculous story of her stroke and more. Nalini MacNab is the luminary behind Chalice of Wisdom, where she teaches cultivating our connection to the Infinite within. An initiate in many Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, Nalini has spent this lifetime as a musician, IT professional, martial arts instructor and spiritual counselor. In 2009, though she was more healthy and fit than most, she suffered a life-threatening stroke and recovery stymied doctors. Her hospital file is stamped "Medical Miracle." Her memoir, Walk A (New) Way, can be found on


Interview with Tina van LeuveN

On Power and Sovereignty

"Love is power, the Infinite Field of Love, the Infinite, the Divine, is power, nature is power, the elements, the elementals, the stones, the trees, water, resources, that is power. Not the mind's and ego's understanding of power. Power is the creative energy, love is the creative energy that is power... claiming your power, or reclaiming your power, the tech of that, is that you are taking back the energy that you have invested in illusions..."


Interview with Tina van Leuven

Post Solstice Update. Join Tina with her special guest Nalini as they talk about the post Solstice obliteration point and how to receive the gifts and blessings available for us now...

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Interview with Tina van Leuven

This conversation talks about inadequacy, where it comes from, and the best remedy.

One of the strongest currents being purged from the collective is inadequacy.  Like anger, this feeling is the child of fear. One feels insecure and not up to handling the circumstances or events of the moment. How this plays out in the human collective is in power games.

One feels inadequate, then projects defensiveness, which makes the object of the projection feel attacked so creates more defensiveness.  In amplified energies, this accelerates into power struggles before anyone has time to breathe, feel into the truth of the situation and let go of the stories that are being made up by the inadequacy programs held by both parties (or all of them) to explain how horrible everyone is feeling. Feelings created by inadequacy never tell true stories.

Read my Blog article on this topic.

Bringing the Joy Back into Business

If you want to shift anything in your life or business, then shift the energy first. Sounds so obvious, right? So why can this be such a challenge at times?

Experience an Essence Tuning session with Nalini from as we talk about what it takes to be a joyful entrepreneur, letting go of outdated definitions of what being spiritual means, and shifting perspectives to allow your business to be a joyful expression of your divine essence. 

Nalini and I first connected in 2008. Since that time she has been a tremendous support for me as she's mentored me through the process of egoic dissolution. The kind of training that requires dedication and commitment... and letting go of that pesky control freak :)

Enjoy this conversation and allow yourself to receive the experience of essence tuning, simply by being here... 

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Nalini MacNab has spent her life studying vibration, perception and consciousness. She's been teaching and mentoring people in egoic dissolution and achieving a deeper connection with the Infinite for thirty years. An initiate in several esoteric traditions, ordained in three, she's become an emissary for the Infinite, our Great Mother.
Hi. I'm Nalini, also known as Mary. I live, create, write and teach about the connection everyone has with the Infinite. The Infinite manifests through me in the archetype of the Great Mother, the creatrix of us all.