Living a New Destiny: Group Mentoring Members Event: Sat 9 Feb 2019 - 1pm ET


Living a New Destiny: Group Mentoring Members Event: Sat 9 Feb 2019 - 1pm ET


Living a New Destiny: Monthly Membership Program*

Are you interested in staying aligned with the highest possibilities available to you? That is the focus of this program. This mentoring program is for you if you feel you are ready to live a more magical life and to go deeper into HER mysteries, freely shifting within a circle of others who are vibrating at similar frequencies.

This program includes exclusive access to the following:

  • A monthly teleconference with extensive Q&A at the end of each session (recorded and posted on the membership page in mp3 format for those who can’t attend live)

  • Blog posts by Nalini, tailored to the needs of the participants

  • Videos tailored to current energies

  • Priority email access to Nalini for specific questions

  • Opportunities for connection and discussion with like-vibrationed others in the member portal

*$150.00 per month by subscription.

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If you're reading this, you have had experiences of using your intention to shift reality. What happened, when that happened, was that your vibration was aligned in such a way as to move your field into a new pattern within the Infinite sea of possibilities.

"...reality is a possibility of consciousness itself..." Amrit Goswami, Ph. D. Professor of Physics

Telling a new story is begun by realizing that your current reality is a reflection of a streaming series of endless possibilities. In other words, you begin to see that there are other possibilities available in every moment.

Telling A New Story

"Our bodies and our lives are manifestations of the stories we tell ourselves. The first step in shifting physicality is to intend and envision a new story. This is not 'positive thinking.' This is reality shifting..."

The monthly mentoring program includes:

~ an energy update where Nalini points out available openings and opportunities

~ a telegathering transmission event for Q&A

~ eligibility for 1-1 sessions with Nalini at a discounted rate

~ access to private membership pages with posts from Nalini and where questions can be submitted

*Living A New Destiny is a monthly program by subscription. Your account will be debited on the same day each month as the day you signed up for the program.

You may cancel and/or re-subscribe at any time.