Chalice of Wisdom offers gatherings in the form of online telegatherings using a phone, Skype, Webcall or a webpage interface. You are invited! Check the Telegatherings Online section of Work with Me or browse upcoming events below to join a gathering. Most gatherings are single instance, pay as you go, except for Nalini’s monthly subscription mentoring series, Following Your Lightstreams. Regular (monthly) attendance is recommended.

August 2017

Lughnasadh - Early Harvest Early Seeding - Mon 7th August 1PM CT

The astrological cross-quarter alignment for Lughnasadh is in the wee hours of the 7th August.  This cross-quarter heralds first harvest in the northern hemisphere and first seeding in the southern. The starburst opening for this cross-quarter holds infinite seeds of possibility. New seeds of being made available at the same time as new harvest being brought in from all that we have sown thus far this year.

Lughnasadh is a fire-leap. What flames are you jumping? What are you shedding into these flames and what life and light will you draw from them?

Join us as we celebrate!

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Starstreaming Thru 2017 - Sat 12th August 1PM CT

A monthly series of accelerated initiations into the realms of light, how to recognize, navigate and express these currents in your daily living. For each month of the coming year there is a starburst of light openings.

The starburst opening for August, at Lughnasadh, is one of refinements. Transformation is roaring ahead and the ramp is angling upwards. The transmission for this gathering will assist us in accelerating with the emerging tides.

What have you always dreamed of being? Now is the time to allow it to manifest.

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Following Your Light Streams - Fri 18th August 1PM CT

Guidance for re-calling the lightstreams that make up your field of frequencies, applying the light hacks to keep you within those flows and assisting you to keep creating, no matter what the world presents to you. This is an investment in what you are. For those who have asked for on-going mentoring, this is the series, for 2017. Participants in this programme will be eligible for monthly (or semi-monthly) 1-1 sessions at a discounted rate.

*Following Your Lightstreams is a monthly program by subscription. Your account will be debited on the same day each month as the day you signed up for the program. You are free to cancel or re-subscribe at any time.

MYSTIK STEPS: Part Two - 23rd August 1PM CT

The way of the pathless path. 

Practical steps with mystical feet, Part Two.

(Part Three will be offered in September.)

What are mystical steps when the path forms around, above, and beneath you, simultaneously? How do we navigate the practical of our lives from within the embrace of Infinite seas? There were ways, means and pathways in the last cycle. for the emerging realities, there are no such trodden pathways. We instead create currents with the experiences we choose for our lives. What if there was no path? What if that illusion had left you long ago? What IS practical when you navigate a different world from those with whom you interact? This is a beginning. If the mystical calls to you, please join us!

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