Oracular Sonic Resonator


"What a fun, empowering and totally amazing, game-changing opportunity!!"

"The impact has been so much more than I could imagine. There have been some really stuck, old, old patterns and challenges in my life that I had been working on for years and years that just refused to shift. From learning how to tune my field, these patterns have now dissolved. I feel lighter, free-er, more myself then ever before. I feel excited by life and the possibilities it holds. Doors are opening, obstacles are removed and everything is much more "in the flow". Highly recommend it for anyone ready to stand in their power and open up to the abundance of Source!!"
- N.L.

 "...profoundly life-changing, and incredibly uplifting."

"The (field tuning) experience is profoundly life-changing, and incredibly uplifting. Each time I come to play with my image and sound files, I have a different experience, and each one of those experiences is specifically focused on what is most supportive of my field and Essence. What all these experiences have in common is an ever-increasing sense of play and joy and connection. There is also a wonderful empowerment that flows from creating and listening to my own sound mixes. It is fun to observe the flowing, the newness, and the true sense of connection with Source that appears when I sit with my sounds and image. And this perception is now not limited to the "tuning time". It has become a seamless part of my "daily" being on this planet. I feel the Essence of this Being shines more clearly, more brightly, and more joyfully now, and I know that is the direct result of interacting with this amazing (and fun!) tool."
- A.H.

"In my experience (with field tuning), it takes one Deep, as deep as one intends to Be..."

"When I view the image it Feels like an energy exchange yet I am both aspects of the exchange, the portals that open and download thru the image and sound are me, the Beauty is Extraordinary. And to be Remembering this is... Beyond words... This shifts my bodies vastly, particularly the physical and emotional aspects of my being, I am experiencing more and more of who/what I really am, fears fall away and truth is revealed, this is effecting my relationship with everything, More Joy, More Light, More Fun, and Deepening into a state of Sensual Bliss That is oh so familiar and yet bits of me believed lost forever... NOT SO and Oh the Joy of this, as well as tears... In my experience (with field tuning), it takes one Deep, as deep as one intends to Be... Go! and there are layers and layers and portals and Songs, weavings of Magic just waiting for us to Dance with and As Them."
- C.M.

"I noticed the sunshine looked different..."

"Some of my experiences (with field tuning) have been, well, hard to put into words. For example, two days ago I took the time to play with the my custom sounds and image and spent time with it. Following that, I was standing outside, and I noticed the sunshine looked different, and all of a sudden I realized I was seeing through the sunlight, through the energy patterns of something in a far different way than I ever had before. I chalk that up to the listening that I did previously. So it definitely works. And it is easier than it might seem..."
- J.B.