I’m Nalini MacNab. My story has unfolded along a seemingly disjointed,circuitous path, but looking back, it all fits together divinely. To give you a sense of who I am and where I’ve been, here are some highlights for you.

The beginning

I chose to be born, fully aware, in the house of my mother’s spiritual teacher as Mary MacNab. I studied with her for the first 8 years of my life. When I was 5, I’d give darshan (transmit light) while she taught.

I learned to read at 5 and devoured everything I could get my hands on. Books about animals and nature were my delicacies of choice. The Jungle Book. Bambi. Then I met Tolkien, and everything changed.


My interest piqued in Eastern philosophy and I sought out various streams of learning. Some resonated, some didn’t. I found mainstream religions boring and more than a little frustrating. They all seemed to say the same thing in different ways, and I didn’t like their brand of ‘guidance and direction’.


After college I lived in and travelled around Europe, experiencing many adventures, including bringing music and theatre to American G.I.s stationed overseas. I followed my family to the San Francisco bay area, a mecca of metaphysical study and spiritual resources. I was to live and work there, on and off, for the next 25 years.

One day my roommate handed me a newspaper called Self-Discovery, thinking I’d like it.

The real beginning

My whole body began throbbing with Shakti when I read about a certain local teacher. I met him, Dr. Frederick Lenz, my Mystery School teacher, and studied with him for 13 years. He was a controversial character, but the Foundation for American Buddhism is in his name today.



I started working in computers in 1984 and spent 20 years in IT, consulting on development projects. I founded my own independent consulting firm, and ended up as the VP of Data Services for a startup.

On the side, I started training in Shokotan Karate and loved it so much I continued for 27 years, teaching for 12 of those and achieving a 3rd degree black belt. Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Yoga fill that place in my life now.


Sometime around 1993, Source grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, shook me hard, and told me to change my path. “That’s enough of that,” was what I heard. It took several years for me to understand what that meant.

After 20 years as a regular meditator, I spent two years re-learning how to meditate with the Infinite as my instructor.

I crossed paths with Leslie Temple Thurston of the Corelight organization, who was offering a 4-year spiritual teacher training program.  

My body throbbed with shakti again.

I recognized the feeling of divine intervention but didn’t intellectually feel I wanted to do it. I listened and did it anyway.  Leslie became my mentor for the next four years.

I started offering formal spiritual mentoring as a side venture.

The divine intervened again and I was sacked from my VP position. The startup I worked for was doing sketchy things with their Venture Capital in Japan and I spoke just enough Japanese to be dangerous.

This led to a depression that lasted nine months (a standard classic gestation period, wouldn’t you agree?)

And then …

A turning point. A big awakening as the Toltec tradition calls it when you drop your personal history.

I couldn’t relate to ‘Mary’ anymore. It wasn’t dissociation. Every job interview I had went brilliantly. Then the jobs somehow disappeared.

Life was forcing me into my calling. This was it. I surrendered. I made one promise to Source - that I’d do what SHE told me to do.

Bankruptcy proceedings started. $3M in assets. $4M in debt. Ugh.

Source told me to post to a women’s networking board. I didn’t want to, but they fed me a free dinner (which I needed). They wanted a $300 membership, which I couldn’t afford, but I kept my promise to follow Source’s commands and signed up. I met some people who became clients. That led to more clients. I started working more intensely with people on the spiritual path, in person, on the phone and on the world wide web. A client traded me web design. I got my first site up and that was that. It was happening and it was global.

Early in 2009 I moved to Mammoth Lakes, one of my favorite places in the world. I had been hiking there regularly for 20 years. It felt like home. I was finally living in the mountains!

Two months later, I had a stroke. I was in the hospital for 30 hours. My left side was gone. The next day, I reached for my green tea with my left hand. Mammoth Hospital stamped me a medical miracle. After many months of healing, I was fully recovered.


At New Year 2010 Dr. Baskaran PIllai sponsored me on a trip to Kauai to help with my healing and, subsequently, gave me the name Nalini. “You need a new name”. He said the old one didn’t fit my new (course corrected) destiny.

Today, I can say that I’ve been a teacher and liberator for 30 years. I hold immersion intensives in various places of power all over the globe. The world is my home.