Mentoring - What to Expect

The mentoring I offer is for those who wish to deepen their connection to the Infinite. Some want to find it and hold on without distraction or interference. Some want to deepen the connection that is already present.

I enter into the connection between the Infinite, your essence and mine to assist you in becoming more of the truth of what you are here to become. 

Each mentoring session is recorded. An mp3 recording will be emailed to you within a day or so following the session.

To reserve space on my calendar, please make payment through Work With Me or using the product link below and contact me at for scheduling.

Personal Guidance

Private Mentoring Session

We are all adjusting to new ways of living. Our minds and bodies have been trained in ways that no longer function optimally for our increased vibration. During this session your connection to the Infinite shows me adjustments that can be made to your energy configuration to optimise your expression in the world. SHE then makes the adjustments, with your permission. We are all moving into higher octaves of vibration accessed through joy.

**Those participating in the Following Your Lightstreams mentoring series are eligible to receive personal mentoring sessions at the discounted rate of $128. A coupon code (sent via email) can be applied at online checkout.

All sessions are recorded unless you request otherwise. You will receive an mp3 recording via email within a day or so after your session is complete.

Each session is 30 minutes.

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Please take at least one half hour just prior to your mentoring session to be in stillness. The Field Setting Meditation is a great way to prepare for an optimal Experience.


Entrepreneurial Energy Alignment

Entrepreneurial Energy Alignment

Available from July 1, 2017  (New programme forthcoming in September)

It is time for us to stream the light that comes through us into the world we are helping to create.

These sessions have a single focus. That of allowing the Infinite, the Great Mother, to open, expand and alter the circuits and frequency capacity of your motherboard to both handle more light and to laser-focus it into your expression in the world. New realities are igniting and it is time to light up the fields! {PS ~ Stop trying to ignite the dying ones. It will not assist anyone or anything. Ladle love where you may and let HER light decide.}

Other expansions can be addressed in Nalini’s 1-1 mentoring program, Following Your Lightstreams or in an individual session.

Each session is recorded and an mp3 recording will be delivered via email within 24 hours of the conclusion of the session.

Sessions are 30 - 40 minutes in length, depending entirely upon HER discretion.