Whose Authority is it Anyway?

Whose Authority is it Anyway?

This world is much touted as a Free Will Zone. Let me clue you in on a few things…

The only ‘free’ will in this world, and there are different rules on different worlds, is the choice to align as the Divine or the choice to align as the Ego. Bottom line, that’s it.

This is a war world, chickens. Its foundation, for, oh, ever… in the kinds of spacetime we can comprehend, has been conflict. Confrontation. The survival of… not the fittest necessarily, but of those who can most successfully dominate and control. Your ego signed up to play that game even as your awareness did not. Interesting conflict right there, isn’t it?

They dress it up as “G vs. E” {you know, good and evil, right?} But who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? Is that not a perceptual choice on the part of each participant? Do we not each hold components of both or all three?

So, why did you buy a ticket to this fight-fest? Honing one’s martial skills notwithstanding.

Was it karma? Is that what they told you or you told yourself? Did you think you could help? {that got most of us… silly rabbits, we}

What’s love got to do with it?
{loving Tina at this moment…talk about a willful manifestrix!}

REAL love, not the kind advertised here, is the way out of this mess.

The local kitten swarm has convinced me that while pussy-footing is a cool and agile skill, I’m no longer interested. For one, I don’t have the body type, and for all-the-rest-of-the-numbers I’m tired of pretending. You are in my mentoring program so let’s get cracking, shall we?


This is what we all came here to learn. How to do the above. How to walk any world, even a weird one like this, {which really is a hell world, btw} as Divinity incarnate.

Aren’t we all Divine? Isn’t everyone Divine? Aren’t we all part of the ONE?
Enough with the toddler-speak! OF COURSE!!!! And are most people actually self-realizing? Do they even want to? Nooooooo. Most actively resist Truth in most forms.

That no longer has to be you. Unless you still want to play whatever games you signed up for that resist Divine Truth. And hey, that’s okay, but you might want to consider hanging out elsewhere.

There are gentler programs here within Chalice and you may have noticed that every lightworker and their four-legged companion is allegedly a spiritual teacher now… I’m sure they’re lovely. I mean that with far less facetiousness than you might suspect. Source is everywhere. SHE is easily located when one ‘seeks’. Less easily realized, when one is addicted to seeking.

I strapped on my black belt for this one, so maybe it’s time you surrendered that white thing around your waist and paid attention?

You, with the white or somewhat colored belt who is immersed in side projects because you feel somehow inadequate to the task? You, with the brown belt who is afraid of Mastery? Yes, you. Take a look in Source’s mirror. SHE is looking back at you, with the eyes of Divine Love.


If you are ‘here’, meaning reading this, which is Sourced as Source from Her Infinite fields of LOVE, by the way, then you have the configuration, the skills, talents and abilities to BE awake.

And, if you haven’t clued in, this lifetime is sort of a special deal. Not exactly a one-time offer, but as close as they come.

What does it take to BE awake? Making it your first priority. EVERYTHING will change. EVERY…THING. And that means you, first, because all real change happens from the inside out.

I’ve heard so many times from so many people “Well I did this, I tried this, I made this humongous effort for Spirit and … it didn’t work!!! Things didn’t work out.” The ego, who sabotaged the whole thing in the first place, then continues with “So why should I…. {fill in the blank}. I’ll just live out the incarnation and blah blah blah next time next time next time…” Are you sure next time’ exists? Do you want it to? Here? These are not rhetorical questions. This is not a drill.

I don’t tell people what to do, see. My Teacher, Rama, did that, and while I, unlike so many others, did what he told me to do, which was the last thing he expected, I WOKE UP. Not because I followed orders, which is why I don’t give them. But because I listened, with his help actually, to the voice of Source and did what SHE directed. It was then, and only then, that my awakenings began to unfold.

So do all unfoldings happen, when you reach that place of listening and follow-through. It is my privilege to assist you in so doing… if you so choose. The listening instead of just hearing and the follow-through, which is what the ego avoids most of all. That’s what I can help with. Oh, and the dissolution of whatever needs dissolving. Again, if you so choose.

My magic is subtle. I don’t blow the stars across the sky (though I’ve considered practicing, just because it might be fun) and I don’t make rooms light up (yet). I haven’t been interested in the party tricks that make people show up. What comes through me is life-changing, in that it assists you in changing your life. If you so choose. It is HER way, not anything I might call ‘mine’.

I am not asking you to make some penultimate choice or to quit or whatever your mind is making of this. I like hanging out with you. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be spending time together.

What are you waiting for? Consider this an invitation.


If so, let’s light this thing up.

Starting around the Solstice I will be offering a Foundations course, for the basics. Some of you missed some of this and some could use the refresher.

I will also be offering this (LAND) program, maybe with the same name, maybe renamed, but in the same format. Breathe. ;)

AND, there will be opportunities for closer mentoring for those who… you guessed it, REALLY WANT TO BE AWAKE. I just spent a private retreat weekend with a couple of them and it worked. It felt this way when my second round of ‘girls’ got their black belts. All of them. No failures. And, believe me, the examiners tried to find a reason to fail them.

I was so proud of them and so grateful to Source for affording me the privilege. They did the work. No one gets handed a black belt. I got to assist them. FUN!

It’s time to do the deep work. Part of the new program will be the opportunity for semi-private retreats where we really dive in. Nerds totally welcome. Pussies need not apply.

The program will come into form sometime around the Solstice, to begin early next year. Something to consider.

Stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, you are LOVED… and CHERISHED… and the gloves would not be coming off otherwise.

See ya!