Field to Field Interaction: Field Comm '101'

In yesterday's gathering, we chatted about field to field interactions and how we, in our semi-individuated fields, constantly interact with the fields of others, our immediate living and working environments, our countries, our continents and Gaia herself.

Our instinctive knowing of this fact is what makes us nervous around those with greater bandwidth than ourselves (including elephants and whales). For example, I used to sort of freeze and go into mindfulness paranoia around Rama, my Mystery School teacher. He could read my thoughts, my feelings, and see my vibrational state, for heaven's sake! I was toast. Or so I thought. He used to laugh a lot when I was around.

I thought that he would see everything awful about me and probably kick me out or at least judge me. I thought this because I was raised in a mindset bubble of constantly fishing for what is wrong.

I was raised to self-judge before anyone else could get there and do it for me. So were you. OR you were raised to self-aggrandize, thinking that you could do no wrong, which is simply the other side of dastardly coinage.


An endless series of Fix-It situations and self-improvement scenarios was my comfort zone. What's yours???

It was my job, or so I allowed myself to be programmed, to find the problem in any moment or interaction or situation and fix it before everything fell apart. Falling apart mostly meant that my mother would freak out, throw a tantrum or at least a hissy, and if my dad was around he would go all aloof or into a rage and no one would have a good day. Were they or was I to blame? No.

My mum, probably much like yours, was conditioned and programmed to people please, to perform 'tending' behaviours... which I still catch myself doing, btw. Only now it makes me laugh.

My dad was conditioned and programmed to have his needs met. They represented one another's male/female sides. These programs existed in both of them and, lucky me, I genetically inherited them. The programs came standard on the vehicle, so to speak. So did what you inherited from your family.

Inherited conditioning isn't limited to parents. It is also imprinted on us by grandparents, siblings, extended family, cultural associations... you name it, you've osmotically absorbed stuff from other field parameters. And, this is constantly reinforced by the collectives in which we navigate the planet.

Do you want to live according to those parameters? The choice actually IS yours.

Is it easier just to go along for the familial or collective ride? You tell me. How easy is it for you, a sensitive Starstream, to navigate according to muggle dynamics? I ask you. Truly, And with all seriousness... whilst laughing my cosmic ass off.

My mum, just to continue with the example, wanted to be her version of what she thought 'awake' was. She wanted Christ Consciousness. She wanted me to embody it. Funny how we get what we wish for and then don't know what the hell to do with it? ;)

So, here she is, wanting to be more conscious, defying her parents, her many siblings, and the traditions she grew up with, to complete her pregnancy and have me be born in the house of her spiritual teacher... all the while still running these patterns and programs. Easy? Not.

Was it easy growing up with this dichotomy? Not.  Nor is it for you, trying to live this way. May we be honest, please? You can't live this way. Not anymore. It will rip you to pieces. And, sliding back into muggledom was never an energetic option for you. Not even close.

So how, great question Jess, do we manage field to field dynamics when we are doing our clearing and boundary work, processing and dissolving our egos, and aspiring to  live Source-directed lives, hopefully as awake beings, (there is a 'gate', yes, and then the adventure continues... trust me, you want to get through the damn gate) and the others around us are having egoic and reactive hissies right in our faces and our lives?

Advice from a Master Mystik:
Duck! Don't cover! Clear your field. Let Source establish your boundaries and hold them through you and FFS stop living everyone else's life! Run if you have to, knowing there is no place to hide. AND/OR/BOTH take a deep breath, let in as much light as you can and then let in some more. And let it take over. Let the light decide, according to what works for YOU.

This is what you are learning, oh streaming ones.
1) You cannot change anyone or anything else but yourself.
2) You CAN change how you think, how you were programmed and how you live your life.
3) It is not as hard as you think, but infinitely more complex than you have yet imagined.
4) When you change you, you change everything about your life and environment.
5) When you allow your perceptual array to shift, you begin to see that this is true.
6) Allowing your perceptual array to shift means literally changing how you think and surrendering into how you were meant to perceive in your natural, open state.
7) One of the side effects of understanding this about how reality works, is ascended empathy, the kind that is less painful and keeps you, oh empathic ones, out of trouble.
8) What was that middle part? ;)
9) You are infinitely more powerful than you have any idea (mentally) and wielding that power means surrendering egoic control. It is not the stiff price you have been conditioned to believe it to be. It is a profound and thorough RELIEF.

Interested?  I knew so.

So let's start talking about what DOES work and how to go about it. Because, really.

Your ego will hear some things it does not want you to hear. They will NOT be what is wrong with you, (which interpretation it will try for, every time) they will be about WHAT IS POSSIBLE.

Interacting field to field is not foreign to you. The only parameters you really need are:

~ respect and tenderness for the light and love that you and all of us, already are
~ practicing that on a moment to moment basis... and learning how as part of the immersion

The rest is all technique and operating system stuff and is learned simultaneously by entrainment (by osmosis, at the cellular level), discernment, listening and practicing.

Did I mention we're all practicing this stuff?

It is time to unearth, dust off, shape, hone, refine and finally effing USE your mystical skills!!!

And if you're asking "how is this practical and how can I make money with this?" all I can say is... OFFS!!!!!!!

Doing... this... affects...EVERYTHING. Money is a symbol of flow. No money, no flow. Get it? I know you do, so stop worrying about the parts of you that don't and let's focus on what works.

Instead of mentally trying to figure out how to make more money,  use your mystical skills to open the flow. Don't know how? NOW WE'RE COMMUNICATING! Step right up.

With all possible love (and that's saying something),