What's Fun Got To Do With It?

My answer would be "everything."   What about you?

Moving into higher and higher frequencies of vibration, having more and more perspective into how worlds are created and how life works... getting to go on mystical immersion journeys, openly conversing with all other creature beings, animal, vegetable, mineral, and magical, and meditating so that the light streams through me and also into everything and everyone around me... What could be more fun than that?

Some say the price for this kind of life is not being able to do things in the world the way that muggles do. Have you ever been able to successfully negotiate that and not have it be even a little bit toxic to you?  Is it ok to poison yourself so you can say you had 'muggle fun'? Might there be another way to enjoy this world?

It always gobsmacks me that we do these allegedly 'fun' things that poison us and reason it out or explain the pain away by saying that's just the way this world is.  Okay, what if that's true? Then, it probably makes sense to just want to vibe-down and live like muggles do. As if that were possible. Ever tried to go 'back' once you've opened to more of the Infinite? Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide, once the lights start to come on. THAT is 'the way things are'.

There is another way to enjoy 'the world' including what you perceive as the one 'out there' and the one we are about to create if you'll stop focusing on what's wrong with the old one and just effing arrive already!

What do you want? How do you want to live? I'm not talking about the lifestyle to which you wish you would become accustomed in which God is going to send you a fat check to make everything easier. I'm talking about really looking into your heart of hearts and asking, "How do I want to spend this incarnation?" 

Have you done that recently? When you know... and I assure you, your essence does know... asking Source to set that up for you is the next step.  If the foundation is wrong for what you want to build, it will have to be demolished. This is construction '101'.  The basics. Will the foundation of your life/mind/ego/whatever support what you want to create?  If not, it has to go!  Start with belief systems, thought patterns and habits of behaviour.  These are what hold most of 'it', whatever 'it' is for you, in place. 

What's fun for me? Watching you light up. Watching the light move through the world. Talking with all beings, essence-to-essence. The unconditional love of all non-bipedal beings (the bipeds have a way to go to understand). Having the Infinite shift everything so that, the world I am choosing to live in is forming under my feet, even when I cannot see that this is so. I live for the mystical, the magic, the light. Sure, I have my preferences in surroundings. I'll share them, seeing as it might be relevant information. To help you sort yourself out, you know... not by my standards but as a sort of comparable something-or-other. It really is all about vibration.

I love having a really supportive and comfortable bed and I prefer to sleep under something like a duvet (not great in hot weather, I'll admit). I like organic pillows and bedding, enough to be comfortable, with enough style that I don't feel like I'm sleeping in packing materials, yet not enough to need extra linen closets. Camping kit is for camping... not for the 'home'. There are exceptions, of course, hammocks being one of them.

I love beautiful wood, and love to have that in simple, elegant furnishings. Simple rooms that are functional AND beautiful. I love simple, elegant dishes and flatware... things that feel good and add to the dining experience. Nothing fussy. All things artisanal, but never kitschy. {shudders} I love Persian carpets, but they are not easy to maintain or move around, so I like visiting them when I visit others... I used to own about 15 of them, don't get me wrong. Roshini took care of that attachment, one carpet at a time. ;)

Loving beautiful furnishings or art or clothing or style isn't a bad thing.  It's an evolved thing. And we each have our own taste in that regard.

EVERYTHING IS ABOUT VIBRATION AND FREQUENCY. Do high-vibe things always cost more? No. It depends. And, when you have what you truly love and allow that to shift and flow, it's easier to have the things you truly love and that vibrate as you do.

Things are not good or bad. They are just things. If something makes you happy and you love it, then it is a vibrational addition to your life (provided it isn't toxic to you). If it is just there because it is there, then it probably needs to go somewhere where it will be more appreciated.

Don't you feel that way? Wouldn't you rather be around those who truly appreciate you, your gifts and abilities? Wouldn't you rather be able to gratefully say "Thank you that I live an amazing, love-filled life?" Your 'things' feel that way too.

What's stopping you from living that way?

What do you live for?  That is NOT a rhetorical question.

Do you LIVE to pay the bills or keep everyone else in your life happy, or is that just 'the way things are'? How long are you going to put up with that? Life is NOT the either/or we were taught that it is. We can live an ecstatic, amazing experience even while dealing with the so-called mundane, everyday things of life, including the bills and the other obligations of first-world issues.

Have you never seen the magic in dishwater bubbles? In how perfectly a nail goes into a block of wood, joining two pieces together? Are your eyes open? Do you want them to be?

I am honestly asking... what is fun for you? What do you live for? Are higher vibration, beauty, love, and consciousness among those things?

If so, then great! We're on the same playing field.

Your fieldwork, should you choose to accept the mission, is to write up (or down as you prefer) what it is that you WANT... and, no, you don't get to make it about anyone else and what 'they' do or don't do. This one is on YOU, oh shining, creative genius! Don't even mention anyone else in your writing. And, yes, accepting the mission means WRITING (typing counts).

You are that being of light and joy already! Get an effing clue!!!

And if it looks like I'm not having FUN being this magical being that I AM... look again. Put your big girl/guy eyes on and LOOK. Or, hey, if those specs are all fogged up, ask me! This latest transition has been tough in the physical world, I'll grant you. That doesn't mean we can't walk in wonder. I do.

Want to join me there? We can share the paths we've found through the magic, compare notes, laugh and create new adventures.

Are you in? If not, that's ok... but you might want to watch your step... it's going to get speedy on this path! You wouldn't want to faceplant into someone else's destiny. (bleah)

Oh, and just between us? 15th August, the Assumption of Mary, in the orthodox Christian traditions, is/was when "Mary" ascended into heaven... or so they say. Apparently, there is much debate among the fish people authorities. If she really is/was the Mother of God, then her relationship to heaven is...?  See how weird it gets here?

The date kept flashing at me on my calendar.  I had no idea why. What I can report is that the 'Mary' that I was has found her heaven. I can't wait to see how this hits the road. No, that being is not the same as the Nalini being... This has been the WEIRDEST incarnation! And the fun is just beginning! Oh do stay tuned, won't you?

Here's to the FUN!