Intertwined Worlds, Interwoven Realities ~

I live my life between the worlds. Ask any dragon. They'll validate the fact. I suppose that's why they sometimes ask me to hold space, like an acupuncture needle, when the doorways they guard are shifting. Faerie does the same, though the request comes differently. 

Then, there are confluences, flux nexxi, where worlds collide. I recently visited such a configuration. In this world, in earth-speak, we would call it a place.  This is not a place. It exists outside of time and of timelessness. In this location, two worlds actually did collide. Long, long ago. Eons, most likely, along timelines so far outside of earthlike understanding that you will have to feel it rather than read words about it to understand.

In this location, two worlds, and all of their variant realities, are coupled. It is a mechanical coupling, engineered through light. At this location, a portion of another world is inserted into Gaia's sphere {meaning energy and essence as well as physical reality}. Only, how it happened was that Gaia's being sort of plugged herself in to other dimensions, and this 'other' world happened to be manifest in that location, at that plugin-pixel. The worlds are now joined at this location. Siamese-twin conjoining of worlds and their realities of beingness. Amazing!

I asked if anyone had ever climbed the ridge in question and the report was that when people do, they say it is like being on another planet. Even the rocks, trees and creature-beings are different and not of this world. I can only report what I was told. What I can see is that there are other dimensions, other spectrums of realities available from that place. The Elohim watch its borders.

I did see them there, though I did not realize it until afterward, in conversation with a friend who comes here often. Navigating dimensions whilst not collecting 'one too many' is a mystical skill I have long practiced. It sometimes requires hitting the pause button on the totality of what is being seen, in order to walk on the earth with practical feet. In other words, I have to choose a practical lens(es) of perception to make it from the edge of a cliff to the path and the car. In so doing, I sometimes miss what would be obvious if I allowed myself to wander, (hopefully not off the cliff).

The practical thing about mystical perception is that any seeing can be recalled at any moment. So, when my friend mentioned the Elohim, I thought "Hmm," and there they were, as clear as clear, in my experience of that location. I listened to my friend's account of these beings, who I tend to perceive differently than her description, and realized that, yes, I had both seen and known them there.

What most people do, is to believe that a triggered seeing is their imagination. It might be, but what if imagining is the doorway to something real? What if, in the mire of collective indoctrination, seeing sometimes needs an 'imaginary' assist?

Oh, I did my mystical vetting process on the seeing. A mystik's version of, "is this my imagination?" The induced images might have been. The reality was not. "When worlds collide" up close and 'close encounters'. I don't know about you, but this kind of experience is what I live for.

This location maps conjoining. It maps how dimensional realities intersect. As with any good map, reading it requires a legend. ;) 

Wikipedia, et al, report that " The Three Rondavels are an ancient geological wonder located in South Africa's Blyde River Canyon region. Also sometimes known as the Three Sisters...(again with hmmm, any relation to the Sisterhood of Three? The Sirian Cluster?) According to geologists, the configuration was caused by erosion."

Uh-huh. We don't know what we don't know. "They" are experts at the not knowing thing.

The 'legend' in question, is indeed present at this location. All you have to do is look at the ridge to feel that it lives in another dimensional structure altogether. 

Many of the hedge tombs or henges across the world are physically supported by these other-dimensional suspension systems. If you look, and I mean use your mystical perception, you can see that certain rocks could not possibly stand as they do, given the laws of physics on Gaia's surface. There is no possible way.

The casual observer will simply say 'wow' and think how cool it is that primitives could move rock to stand on top of rock that way. Others might realize that the stones were moved by other means. Some believe in extra-terrestrial assistance. Some understand the abilities of sound. Few actually see the actual support system in place.

This type of seeing is one of the skills you are learning. Or perhaps remembering is a better word. The honing of your mystical skills is what will get you, oh star-streaming ones, through the rest of this incarnation and move you fully into your new destinies.

Just for fun, pick a moment. Better yet, let Source pick it for you. Now, let go off what you thought you perceived. Let the rest of the information all the way in. Oh, please don't do this whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, or while handling sharp objects. Not at first, you understand. This is fun. This is practice.

Oh, did I mention to let Source hold your boundaries and up your shields first? Just in case, you know. Some of you venture into some pretty weird bardos. Why I will never understand. But then, that's not my job, as I was recently reminded by the allegedly aloof and distant Elohim on a 'hill'. Laughing their proverbial asses off and waving cheerily as my feet walked the physical path and my heart walked another.

My skill, should you choose to avail yourselves of it, is to remind you of what you are and what you know. It is to assist you in your mystical development, as the Source that moves through you would have it be. You get to choose, not me.

And when you're ready, I'll be 'out there', just in case you're interested. Just in case you'd like to truly see. When you're tired of the 'noise and haste' this is where I'll be. {Oh not at the location mentioned. It is well watched and by those who know how.} I may walk in this world but I am definitely not of it. {Neither are you. Are you ready to see?}

Love to you all,