The Foundations of a New Cycle ~

The Foundations of a New Cycle ~
We must change how we think...

In 2008, Gaia began a 16-year period of reconstruction. So did I, as it happens. I hadn’t understood the ‘what’ of this happening until today. Funny, that. HER timing is always impeccable! The Cailleach Béara re-introduced Herself to me and to Her and Our responsibilities in collaboratively establishing the foundations of new reality on this world. When we observe, rather than react to, a reality, using our INTENT, we change it! Consider the particle. It does not show up unless and until it is observed. The wave is always in motion. So are we.

Some of the juiciest experiences in this incarnation have been when the Archetypal Fields or Forces teach me from their Field configurations. What does that mean? The Archangels, the so-called-by-us Gods or Goddesses show up in their morphogenetic field forms and communicate with me (us) field-to-field. This is true, essential (essence to essence) communication. It is what will begin to become our modus operandi going forward.

This used to happen to me with Lakshmi and Shiva whilst I studied with Rama. It happened with the Archangels when I was little and again with Magdalena in France with the double-embodiment experience I shared in my book.

I have begun to write about, in the latest Currents and the blog on Unexpected Transitions, my experience of the Cailleach on this latest immersion journey to the Isle of Skye. I now understand why Ireland came first. I understand the 'what' of our participation in these immersions. And, as we go forward, I will gladly share this with you. This sharing is largely by entrainment and immersion. I will attempt to use words for some of it.

There will be a new teleconference event The Cailleach Béara ~ Ancestral Goddess, on 24th August at 1PM CDT. That is a Friday, yes, and I can only say that the date/time will only change if there is a better time with fewer leaf blowers in the neighborhood where I will be. SHE doesn't seem to think this will be an issue. the Cailleach is the ROOT of the Great Mother within Gaia. Her field forms the stones and our bones. As we vibrate with Her, she collaboratively holds the resonance of our realities.

When I was working with a standing stone on Skye, {read the Medium article} I felt the work connect through Her to Callanish, to all of the henges in the Celtic lands, then to the ringing stones in Zimbabwe. That connection flitted by, so it did not fully register until a few days ago. These stones are in the realm of the white lions... the emissaries from the stars that hold the Nilotic meridian. No accident that I am visiting there soon!

And yet ~ these stellar family of ours are moving 'offshore', so to speak, unless something changes. Their space-holder, like so many, has fallen prey to the egoic wilds of self-aggrandizement. We will see what happens. The shift is the cause. There is no blame to be assessed. For those unfamiliar, there is a book, Children of the Sun God, written by this same woman, Linda Tucker, that explains the lineage and the importance of these magnificent beings. Just FYI.  Their time, in the old way, is vanishing with the old realities.

As to the emotion of blame, it has to go! There are emotions that must now shift and pronto! You do realize by now that 90+% of waking up is letting go?

Are you, as in the Caroline Myss video I assigned to you, willing to give up the following 'words'? Blame. Hate. Judgment. ??? An automatic 'yes' is like spreading jelly on top of a peanut butter sandwich, biting into it and pretending the peanut butter is not there. {I am massacring a quote from Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe here.} We have to begin to think and act at the quantum level! This is what the Creating with Light program was about... though it confused many of you. So, let's start with foundations.

The foundation field for the last cycle had, as its resonant vibration, martyrdom. We all get that, yes? The emerging cyclic realities have, as their foundation, LOVE, and ABUNDANCE. Here's the tricky bit. So so all cycles! It is what the creatrix is given to work with on a world at a specific point in that world's journey, that creates experience. We are not merely passive passengers here! As Starstreams, we assist in creation!

Are you ready to assist in the entraining of a new foundation for reality on this world? You don't have to be. The thing is, if you're 'here', you already signed up.

What does this have to do with your day-to-day? Everything! It is time to literally change your mind because that is where you live your life. The Buddha taught that everything takes place within the mind. We experience only the contents of our minds. True, from the Buddhist definition of 'mind'. Mind, not being limited to our personal reality construct, but also communicating as part of our transcendent selves. Read that one a few times. You'll get it.

How are the foundations altering? The morphogenetic field of the Cailleach Béara, as a way of describing it (HER), in Her collaborative unity with the morphogenetic field of Brighid, is dropping new stones, creating new lands, (think Pélé), literally shifting continents. AND, as we observe this with our INTENT intact, we help to shape what happens.

And you thought it was just a tough year! {Well it has been and things are not going to let up.}

Hang onto your pantyhose! Remember that in REALITY, everything changes from the inside out. We will be talking INTENT more than we have been.

"It's time to get wise." ~What the Bleep

Love to you all!