It's not what you THINK ~

No one is as enlightened as they think they are. The mind plays lots of tricks. There are infinite traps. The evolution of consciousness is, as the saying goes, a journey, not a destination. There is no graduation, no laurel wreath, no trophy, no trumpets, no fanfare. Just when we think we have arrived, pretty much anywhere, the Infinite yanks that magic carpet from beneath us so that our lenses of perception can open to more Presence.

The opening of consciousness is a quiet and tender place. This universe is feminine in nature, toroidal and inclusive in form. That terrifies the 'brat' dynamics within our bodies and minds that hide behind fear of the devouring mother (BAD kitty!) and the rending of the abandoning mother (how could you do this to me?). The double bind of this polarization in consciousness is at the root of the deprived, wounded child we constantly deny or 'manage'. On a good day, we deny. On a better and more conscious day, we process and forgive and let go. On our worst days? S/He acts out from this wounding by running all various control dramas and then some! We act a comprehensive and unmitigated ass. As one of my South Afrikan friends used to say, we develop an advanced case of 'baboon bum'.

I am talking about the shell(s) we hide behind. some of them are prettier than others. When the deprived (or wounded) child archetype begins to shred, we feel terrorized, vulnerable, overwhelmed, as though we will never be able to cope, and that, of course, kicks in the control dramas... which no longer have any fuel in this cycle... so we panic and try to find something, anything, to hide behind. Hint: Fig leaves not an option. 

We compartmentalize our feelings, which act compromises our energies and our field. We tell ourselves we are compromising, building a workaround to achieve a goal. What we are doing is being compromised. Feel into the difference. Once you get past the releasing trauma, your feelings will show you the truth.

Then there is detachment. Detachment is not aloof coldness or calculated tolerance. Nope. It is not the compartmentalized place of "I don't care, I'll just tolerate this and see what happens." That is the trap, defending its hideout. Defended places in consciousness are almost always blind.

Detachment is a loving, kind, dispassion with 20/20 vision. It 'sees, feels and knows'. Detachment is wise. It has heart. It is the tear in the eye of the Buddha. It is not the overflowing wailing of "Oh those poor (fill-in-the-blank) we have to save them all!" That is not even true compassion. It is a combination of grief, pity, and unreleased trauma that we have been conditioned to believe is how consciousness should respond to perceived injustice and tragedy.

I am not saying it is wrong to want to help. This world breaks my heart on a regular basis. I always want to help, to soothe, to bring ease and grace into most equations. One of my biggest learnings in this life has been to let Source do that through me. What is appropriate and what is not? What has that 'other' being chosen to learn, or to learn from? It is any of my business, really? {usually not} For me, being overly compassionate has been THE trap to transcend in this lifetime. A little discernment goes a long way. ;) 

So how does one transcend the mental traps and pitfalls? First, exit that wank-space between your ears (stop the mental masturbation). Then forgive yourself, as the Infinite shows you that most of what you are defending yourself against 1) does not exist, and 2) does not exist and 3) was the result of a learning process you designed for yourself that was too severe or that went a bit 'south' so to speak. In short, take a page from kindness and gentleness. Lead with love.

No one is ever as enlightened as they might think they are. No one is ever as dense as they might want to pretend, either. That is just another way to hide. Better than/less than, inferior/superior, higher/lower, it's all ego. ENERGY, however, has to find its true resonance or it dies.

When you are ready to stop hiding your light from yourself, come to find me.

Those are the words of our Great Mother. You won't have far to look or wander. The best place to begin is with your own heart. It is now, and always was, pure. But you have to see that for yourself. You have to recognize yourself. No one can do it for you. Trust me, I've tried. LOL

What does your heart tell you? What is next in your unfolding? There is always more. The Infinite is Infinite, after ALL.

Are you ready?
If so, I'm happy to share HER Grace with you.
Or maybe just to sit in Presence together for a while.