Sensitivity and Variant Energies ~

As a sensitive, you need to live differently than most. That is simply the way of it. If you try to live the way most people do, it will kill you if you're fortunate, subject you to a long process of torture if you're unfortunate. The way that goes does not depend on any kind of luck or karma but on you.

OR you could surrender into your true nature and muscle up. That, like most things, is not what you'd THINK.

"But everyone does this!" I sometimes wonder if every Mystik, ever, has groaned inwardly or maybe out loud when they hear this. We all feel this way until we realize the futility of pretending to be something we're not.

Let's talk about sensitivity for a few minutes. It will come up for all of you if it hasn't already.

Today I took an airport express bus into the city to see an exhibit I've been interested in for years. I took the same bus back from a meeting in the city last night to assess the energies. Not too bad, all things considered, BUT I knew I would have to see how today felt.

Here is a readout that might help. Muggle energy = Ouch. Being around 'humans' feels a bit like your field is being assaulted with a cheese grater, sometimes a garlic press, occasionally a sledgehammer, and in really low vibe company, all three. In short, it HURTS. If you're paying attention. If not, you might think you have symptoms of this or that, and run to a doctor getting treatment, thus supporting Big Pharma, all for issues your body doesn't have.

You are SENSITIVE. Lower vibrational energies, no matter how nicely packaged, HURT. The good news is that your run-of-the-mill energies wash off fairly easily. How to deal? go home! Don't push it when you feel like crap. SHOWER. Wash the stuff off your body and your field! Put on fresh clothes. Smudge or burn incense or be outdoors in nature... anything to raise your energies!

If this is a daily occurrence, all I can say is that no amount of retreat time or meditation will fully tackle the problem. You will have to make some changes in the way you live. That can take many forms, however. The point is, are you honouring your sensitivity? NOT like a hothouse flower... some spiritual types do this and I have to admit, I go into the disgust place... nothing like a spiritual warrior zoned out on self-pity.  But that's another story.

So there is the 'muggle energy dilemma' usually solved by not-so-difficult radical "self-care for sensitives". Stay away from that stuff! Clean yourself up when you get slimed! Not rocket science. Meditate, exercise, stay clean, keep your living and working spaces organized (because negative energy really does hide in sloppiness)... you can do that, right? Mostly you already do!


Then there is lower occult, black magic & sorcery energy. No matter how benign, this is a conscious misuse of power. It makes me ill (though I've been in muggle territory for a few days so I have this constant state of feeling a 'little bit sick') even writing the words. Maybe you need the taste to get the point. I don't know. Suffice it to say it FEELS BAD! And our level of light feels bad to that stuff! We shouldn't be playing on the same fields! It wasn't 'meant to be' even if some of these energies come from family members! Even if some of these energies seem to be well intended...

I should know. My Mum threw that stuff around AND was deathly afraid of it... which was what let it in in the first place, FEAR-ACTING OUT-FEAR-ACTING OUT...loop - loop - loop...pray to be a good person, do some more manipulative sorcery and the bleat goes on. (yes, that was intentional)

You can't live with that stuff! You have to clear it from your own body/field and leave it! The field has been ploughed under, not good territory for a sensitive. Walk away! Move on! It is the most compassionate thing you can do for all concerned.

No one ever believes me, but I have to try with you lot... (heavy sigh).

People can be really obtuse about these energies. I was, for years, because even though I actually knew what was going on with my mum, I had no idea what to do about it. I mean, who had those kinds of tools? The person whose responsibility was my care and upbringing was running lower occult energies while being terrified of them? What does a kid do with that? {you know what I mean...}

What toddler can leave home and support themselves? What teenager, same? So part of me ducked and covered and found coping mechanisms like hiding out in the woods a lot and part of me muscled up... and BOTH were problematic. I never truly learned how to deal with the dark stuff. Until recently.

Before I let you in on the solution, which I just did if you were paying attention... let me give you an example of how these energies can stay present in our lives and why it is so important to exorcise them.

I received a text from my sister today telling me that some woman phoned her, saying Source told her to "do a session with my sister over at the cemetery". My sister asked me what I thought. She has recently asked to be my student.  {It is NEVER about what we THINK.}

My whole body screamed RUUUUUNN!!!! I laughed, took a deep breath and texted back to try to enlighten my ignorant (not stupid, just untrained) sister. Westerners are really stupid about black magic. I mean REEEALLLY STOOOOPID!!!!  Unless they're wiccan. The wiccans get it as part of their training. Then again, that is what training is for. It teaches you how to avoid the bad stuff and align with the true light. When you do that, things tend to work out much better! 

So, I texted my wayward sis, "WTF?"

She texted back that this woman is a psychic that one of the cousins talks to... okay not a GREAT recommendation, given that this particular cousin is into psychic phenomena and paranormal stuff and not the true light... and of course  MY red flashing everythings had been going off at full volume since text one, but we have to learn step by step sometimes.

So, when I mentioned that that was probably not the BEST recommendation, given the source, my sister responded with "Well this woman says she thinks she can do a point of origin clearing on family programming for me." Maybe she can and maybe she can't. Who am I to judge a healer I've never met?

IN THE CEMETERY??? IN A FRIGGING MASONIC CEMETERY WHERE MUM IS BURIED?????? My wiggins went off the map! O.F.F.S.!!!!  So I talked my sister down, pointing out that she really can feel into the request and (please decline, please please please) make her own intelligent decision on the truth, not on how someone wants to play with her energies.

There are Tibetan monks (and other true shamans) who perform the Chöd ritual, meditating in graveyards to attract 'hungry ghost' spirits and send them onward. {A 'hungry ghost' is a vampiric energy, a parasite... not something you want to hang around or invite for tea, EVER under any circumstances.} NO, you cannot do this without proper training! Neither can "Sally Psychic". An experiment like that, especially in these times, will get one or both parties well and truly messed up!

The more important information for you is this:

Why would she have entertained the idea in the first place? Why would she have gotten the call in the first place? How would she have attracted this circumstance?

Sometimes sensitives grow up in a home environment where:

~ their sensitivity leaves them open to lower vibrations running in the family that have nothing to do with them (the sensitive)
~ that openness makes them feel helpless because their CARETAKERS are torturing them (openly or inadvertently... and the sensitive with the big heart will ALWAYS tell themselves that the family member 'doesn't mean it', that's 'just the way they are'... especially if the family member in question seems to have good intentions. I assure you, the energies that are running through that person DO NOT have anything but manipulative, vampiric intentions.
~ the sensitive also grows up with a kind of morbid curiosity or even addiction to these lower occult energies, because s/he grew up with them and was surrounded by them so they feel familiar and our bodies learn that familiar feels comfortable. This is why abuse persists in all of its forms.

Horrorshow? Yes. Fairly easily corrected? Absolutely.

My sister decided not to do the session. ONLY after I told her I didn't want to have to do an exorcism on HER. Her argument was that I know she really wants to completely clear the family programming and this might help! Okay... so a point of origin clearing IN A MASONIC CEMETERY???????   My current favourite saying LEAPS to mind. "Are you DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND, TOMMY???????"

Here's the difference between 'muggle energy' and black magic. Black magic doesn't wash off. It is like the Terminator. It won't stop. It can't be reasoned with. It has no mercy and it pretends to be anything you want to stay hooked into you. It will even make you angry just to keep you engaged. It - will - use - any - thing.

So what do we do? It has to be consciously eradicated. We have to close our openings to the dark side and banish it from our fields by consciously embodying light, love, and joy. That isn't done by lip service or procrastination. Ignoring it and pretending the dark stuff isn't there is delusional. And it could get you dead given the state of the planet.

Sensitives with big hearts can be suckers sometimes. Ever been one? I've worn that costume so often it's in rags. Bored now.

The turbulence has shaken some veils open that should have remained closed. It is an opportunity, as the world shifts, to close ourSELVES to lower energies once and for all. Wouldn't it be nice if your vibration STAYED high? And you could continue on? Stop wanting to hang out with the light and BE IT?

If you want to wake up this is what you have to do. 

Sooner or later you have to face the truth about the energies you allow into your field, learn to manage them, and eradicate the dark stuff. Learning what an occult hit feels like is part of the education system on this planet. Continuing to put up with it is just... stupid. It is like letting the playground bully win, every time.

You can do this! You don't have to look far. You don't have to turn yourself inside out.

Or are you deaf, dumb AND blind, Tommy?

Just kidding.

Love to you all!


THIS is your birthright!