The Importance of Intent ~ Happy New Moon!

The Importance of Intent ~ Happy New Moon!

The Gemini new moon is a few hours from now. Time to set intentions based on INTENT.

What is the difference? Intent is a function of Will and Intuition. It is the drawn bow and the arrow. Intentions are our hearts' yearnings. We typically make the mistake of focusing them on the future out of a sense of lack in the present. The way to have intentions manifest quickly and gracefully is with intent.

This new moon presents us with a point of clarity. Being a Gemini moon, the energies support correspondences, meaning things that are twinned, so to speak. In the body, this could be hips and shoulders, or elbows and knees. In the mind, this can be the Janus face, the sometimes opposing points of view we hold both consciously and unconsciously. In consciousness, the opportunity is that of unity. It is a point of stillness and reset to take us out of our dualistic frameworks and into the unified field of what is possible.

If this interests you, the path is a simple one. Notice what is up for you right now. What polarities or discrepancies (and sometimes you have to dig for the internal sparring partner if your ego tells you not to clear this one) are you surfing? Life/Death? Are these concepts not part of the same continuum of evolution and conscious development? Form change is form change and all things are not only transitory but sand castle-like in their structures. Stuck/Free... oh that one... ROFL here. Anyone? The whole collective mayhap?

What is freedom anyway and why do we continue to create its seeming opposites?

Write down, or if that is too taxing, mentally outline your definitions of freedom. They will be different at different levels and states of your vibration and mind. When you feel the kinesthetic 'click' that says you've got it, offer it up, yes. Let it(them) go. Only ask FIRST.... (screeeeech, braking...) what and why you keep manifesting something that is in opposition to these definitions? The point is always to show you what you have to transcend. That's a given. Why do YOU keep manifesting THESE things? {Hint: "Show me the pattern."}

Remember that there is no distance between a question and its answer. The information you are requesting lives within the quest(ion).

This moon supports decision-making, which is making ME laugh uproariously in many dimensions. What if there is not enough or no data to support such an event? What if THAT is what needs to be seen through? We won't know until we know. THAT is the new training for the whole... bloody... world.

Let Yourself Receive. This moon gives us dual channels, not only of either/or (which is never an optimal presentation of information) but of unity. Let the resolution of misperceptions, misunderstandings and misalignments happen. Let YourSELF be Received.

How will that show up for you? You will know because you will live it or experience it in consciousness, or both. First pass at a lesson is a life experience. Sometimes 'yay' sometimes 'ouch'. Often BOTH if we didn't get the point the first time. The completion or 'touchdown' pass, is always in consciousness. Those who have no training usually miss this one.

The final pass is ALWAYS in consciousness. The pattern plays out energetically through our bodies, our minds, our experiences, without a physical event or manifestation. It is NOT LESS REAL when this happens. It is MORESO. This is how 'final tests' take place. Will you buy into it again, or ignore it again, just because there is no physical circumstantial drama? {trap}


Mind the Spin!!!

So, don't. Let the pattern swirl through its fictitious whirlpool behaviour and wave goodbye as it passes through. You'll feel better. And if the energy dump you're feeling belongs to someone else? Remember to flush, and quickly!

Be in the world you choose to be in and not of the world you are told to inhabit.

Let the silvery sliver of new light bring you expansion, grace and freedom.

Love to you all,