The Crux of Re-Invention

The Crux of Re-Invention ~

As I have been chronicling on my Medium channel, I am in the midst of a re-invention adventure. I had no idea what Source had in store at this time, nor do any of us. I find it helps to have that understanding. It helps to take each day as it comes, not in passive acceptance or resistance, but as an opportunity to see what new light codes are downloading, activating and disseminating.

This process happens, sometimes best, when we are least conscious of it. If we knew what we were really about, we might get in the way. It helps to know that Source will make things happen whether we are conscious of HER purposes or not.

A few days ago I read a story about how light coding has been passed on over the centuries by two secret societies. The information had not been unknown to me, still, it was interesting to read the stories. A sisterhood and the brotherhood that protects it. One of the priestesses of the sisterhoods, silent and secret for generations, found that the work had been being done, even though those around her were completely unaware of the divine plan being enacted.

It gives one heart. I can attest to that. We need not know what we do. Source knows. When we move into a field and ladle light, especially when that light overflows directly from Source and is not filtered by our personal egoic agendas, the light does what it is meant to do.

I have been an agent of others' karmas. I have ladled light where none was wanted.  I have heard myself speak uncensored words that I knew might wound someone I love. And I have observed the outcomes of these seeming acts of 'mine' in amazement as Source worked HER wonders. I have learned to wait for the wonder. Sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much.

The Bealtaine window is a sorting hat. It is sorting us by our willingness to receive light. This has nothing to do with what we do in the world to survive. The success of what we do in the world to survive is directly correlated to our codes of light. Never more so than now.

Where do your codes want to be disseminated? You won't know 'what to do next.' You will know where to go and what to be in each and every moment if you but listen.

I am listening. Listening has me traveling. There are codes that want to go home. Home, like the pebbles that lately traveled with me. Home to a flow of light waiting to be formed. By me? No. I am not that important. Source will use whoever SHE sees fit to create HER new fields.

We are as immortal as we are morphable, precious, fractals of light. And, in our egos and human frailties, we are infinitely expendable. What will you align with? Your expendability or the immortal Infinite fields?

What if we are all in a constant state of re-invention according to our codes of light?


Are you ready for a new adventure? Ready or not, here SHE comes.

Is't it wonderful?