The Advantage of a Full Moon ~

The Advantage of a Full Moon ~

"Whatever you can do to continue clearing the past and realigning the future is most helpful right now." ~Powerpath Shamanism, Lena Stevens, for the full moon at 13:19 PM GMT today.

I would reverse the order of the quoted statement. Focus on aligning the future with your emerging values. Values that have been challenged, perhaps put through various wringers lately as they shake off old constraints.

Remember that the future does not really exist. When we experience it, we move through that experience in the present. So, if 'future' manifestations will be experienced in the present, why not envision them as PRESENT? "Thank you that _______ exists in my life RIGHT NOW, even if I cannot yet see it."

Today's full moon began its influence a day or so ago. Full moon windows vary from 48 hours to four days. This one carries the qualities of vast and deep change. Think of it as a depth charge levied at the core of what has held you back. Everything that has held you back!

This can feel lots of ways. If you are familiar with your feeling states and recognize the subtleties of how they move through your bodies, you have an advantage. If not, start to pay attention to the layer underneath that first layer of feelings that you tend to ignore, bury or push aside.

The truth is that underneath it all lie love and joy. We are literally being floated by a wellspring of divine support. That is all well and good to hear when life is handing out the lemons and the lemonade and it is tough to know which is which on any given day.

One of the key constructs dissolving right now (or maybe being sandblasted away) is that of the insidious internal misogyny of the 'Eve' archetype. It has seemed odd to me that, with Mars going retrograde and so being in one sign for six months, and Chiron moving into Aries and bringing the so-called masculine wounding 'up' for clearing, that this feminine archetype would present itself so strongly. Then, as it began to push its buried scars through my bodies, I began to understand.

In the biblical story of Adam and Eve (of which there are a few variations) Eve is seen as the temptress, the seductress, she who took a 'bad' thing from a serpent, the one who cost the pair life in paradise.  Eve is 'she who is the source of all of our problems'. If you've done your spiritual homework, you know none of that is accurate or true. The 'Tree of Knowledge' is a symbol of wisdom, of the truth of how our DNA has been manipulated and of our core connection to Source. If one researches the original Essene documents (the Aramaic writings pre-translation, and the Dead Sea Scrolls) it is said that Eve actually told the serpent something, passing on her wisdom, not the other way around.

Regardless of which story you prefer, as they are all just stories, this archetype permeates us all. In female bodies, it produces inherent shame, self-blame, the self-perpetuating state of internal defensiveness due to a constant state of being perceived as an unredeemable wrong-doer. In male bodies, this archetype causes an overt or covert disdain for all qualities of the gentleness or strength of the feminine, paradoxically juxtaposed with the desire to please, placate, coerce, seduce or force the wisdom out of 'her'. It produces a desire in our male aspects, in other words, to TAKE. All forms of entitlement, privilege, etc that overlay this buried archetype are symptomatic rather than causal.

I have been observing this, as I walk the land where feminine martyrdom is celebrated in the person of Jeanne d'Arc, known in the English-speaking world as Joan of Arc. I walked and felt the heat of shame burning off (which I had processed years ago and thought had left me) and asked what this was about. I was shown the Cathedral square in Rouen.

When I visited there a couple of years ago, the Great Mother used my energies to create a whirlpool of sorts within the circle of inlaid paving stones at the feet of the cathedral entrance. Its purpose was to draw out the imprinted wounding of the Eve archetype from anyone receptive to that cleansing who might walk across the area.  A friend joked that we could hold retreats nearby and go have tea and cake whilst the retreatants sat at that circle for hours (allegedly letting the wounding be drained out of them). It was funny, yet sad. The focus on what needs to be cleared has been so pervasive at the end of this last cycle that it has blinded us to the emerging truth.

It is time to lift our gaze from the paving stones of the old cycle. It is time to turn our gaze inward to the love and joy that is PRESENCE. PRESENCE beyond programming and imprinting and what we have been seduced to believe.

How is that practical? How does that help you to find a new job or regain physical health or make more money? Do you honestly believe that remaining focused on the problem is going to birth the solution? Okay, you know better. Right. It seems we all need reminding just now.

As I have walked this land each day, allowing stored trauma to leave my body in the form of tears, shaking, or however it wanted to quake loose at the moment, I have been instructed to remain focused on the light. I have needed to practice sun gazing (don't do this without instruction) in order to give the starlight full sway. This, even though I walk in the light constantly. This shift is something deeper, something more profound than anything I have experienced in my awakenings thus far. It is shaking the structure of my body to its core. I am grateful. So very grateful for this time and the space in which to receive this blessing.

The image used for this post is a photo I took in December of 2010, during a fire ceremony held at midnight on a beach on the island of Kauai. I was invited there by the guru of a friend of mine, one who gifted me with miraculous healing after the 'hardware reboot'. On this night, we chanted and gave offerings to a fire lit specifically at this location to bring purity and grace into the earth plane and into our bodies and lives. At the end of a few hours of this practice, the skies were perfectly clear. The full moon was as bright as daylight as we quickly 'broke camp' at the edge of the rising tide. Dattatreya Sivababa said " We have done good work here. Thank you." The very next day, he told me I needed a new name. One of the translations of 'Nalini' is "heaven's nectar". In this flow of sweetness, there is no impurity. I have since endeavored to be worthy of this vibration.

What does this have to do with you? It is an invitation to feel the magic of this full moon. It is an initiation into the high magicks (which we will speak about in this month's call). Do you wish to become embodied light? I can tell you what it takes and I can share with you that you will be given every blessing required for you to become this if you so choose. You already possess the purity of heart that is Source's primary prerequisite.

As to the practical benefits of paying attention to this full moon and its blessings, relax and let its reflected light shine upon the truth of what you have chosen to manifest and dissolve all that has served its purpose for you. Remember the beatitudes... "Blessed are the Pure in Heart for they shall see God". Every once in awhile one of the Christian poets gets it right. You don't just 'see Source' you ARE THAT and you have it in you to become it.

How would that NOT help?

A blessed full moon to you all. May it enlighten your bodies and your life.

Hang in there! Don't let the world get you down.
~Nalini, She who is Blessed Beyond Belief


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