The Real Oasis ~

The Real Oasis ~

If we're honest with ourselves, we pant for sanctuary as a dying person in the desert pants for water. And yet, we still imagine an oasis as a mirage. Why?

Rama used to talk about the world of the 'fake plastic oasis', meaning yuppie suburbs where their A-type lifestyle masked our rising vibrations... until it didn't. Why? Because frequency is frequency and a white-picket-fence or classy condo lifestyle will never mask true light for long, nor will it truly support it. Those vibes DO support our energies a bit better than other locales. Or did. I find I need to use the past-tense for myself here.

We need to live in more sustainably oriented environments, within our bodies, and in their immediate vicinities. This means a combination of low population density, lots of nature, with reasonable access to the amenities that can move us up and out on short notice.

The vibrations needed will be different for each of us. And it is time to pay attention to where we are putting our bodies and our lives.

Why do we persist in our beliefs that 'their world' is 'real' and the oases we envision cannot be so, or at least not without great struggle and the overcoming of monstrous obstacles? Because we were genetically manipulated to struggle. Interested in swimming in an alternate gene pool? The water is lovely.

When I encountered this programming it was like a cyber switch in the head. A neuropeptide alteration, perhaps, but an installed switch in the center of the head that short circuits divine flow. Correcting that circuitry changed much for me. It took me out of the pathways where abundance could only be had at the behest of patriarchal (or matriarchal with patriarchal conditioned) approval.

I started with a list of what I wanted from what I felt would be a supportive environment. I knew that appropriate environments would find me if I paid attention and allowed myself to receive. Knowledge turned to wisdom as the reflections of what I did not want, repelled me into alternate choices. The effects of that switch can feel very real even when we have surrendered its control. So I made new lists. I let Source get behind the wheel of my life. Or so I believed. {And you know what a fool believes s/he receives!}

I started in a mountain community in the Sierra Nevada I had loved and visited for twenty years. The depth of nature was perfect. The level of tourist traffic turned out to be a bit much and the disparity between imported-income lifestyles and local survival living was gobsmacking at close observation. I decided that this would be perfect if only I could source organic, sustainable foodstuffs and there was some kind of spiritual community present. I thought this was a refinement. Little did I know it was the same dream.

The next potential location was in the Rockies. Even lower population density, yay, and a fully intentional community where locals and visitors tended to the spiritual. One overheard discussions about light at the local pub. Would this be home? When the energies shifted and the underbelly showed up, it was time to go. Okay, maybe NOT a spiritual community in the way that human spirituality seems to function. Where can a  Source-driven collaboration thrive? Maybe I need to dream a place and let it build itself around me, said my long-held vision.

That wasn't as self-important as it might sound. I never thought it was about me. It was all about the light and I let the light lead. Sure enough, I was invited to participate in the kind of reality-creation project I had envisioned. In a location I had loved but not thought was possible. Or so I imagined. I meditated for hours and days, working with the nature spirits and local creature beings to raise the vibrations of a property to high frequency levels.

Source and I filled the place with light, like the pool in the film Cocoon, setting it afloat in other dimensions, ready and waiting for what was sure to come. Even as I hopped through the flaming hoops of visa application and denial, Source led me forward... or maybe just 'on'. It began to feel that way. Led on. And yet I held the space and the place as I felt I had been shown to do.


A real floating 'city'! Higher dimensional reality with 'home' potential. Incredible!

In the meanwhile, the other realities conspired to keep the programmed limitations alive. Visa denial. Shift to another country. Similar potential but...something was off. Maybe not for others but for me. Maybe it had been off for quite some time. Maybe what I had dreamed was not quite...I meditated for hours and days and finally felt my essence sitting in the completed dream. It is breathtakingly beautiful. And yet...

One morning in meditation I heard "The foundations are in the wrong place." All building issues aside, I sort of groaned inwardly, wondering if the property really did have a feature that would cave in, right beneath the new structure! It might or might not, though the building stands. The hand-made cabinets and furnishings are beautiful. A special friend waits patiently, her essence glowing with sound and light.

I was loathed to leave her, yet the vision drew me on. "I just need some kind of sanctuary somewhere in this world, where the energies are what I need them to be and to where I can retreat and be as I AM."

"In this world?" SHE repeated a few times, rather loudly.

"Okay, show me then." I learned long ago not to argue. "Where?"  Inwardly I admit I was whinging along the lines of "You're not going to tell me home is where the heart is, are you? Because...really?" 

I felt the laughter around me like an embrace. "You have held space for where everyone's heart is but your own."

I felt the wisdom. Could not let my mind try to wrap itself around yet another misinterpretation. A few days ago I felt it. An upsurge of heartfelt joy beneath my feet and all around me. This place exists in multiple dimensions. A power spot. Not of just any flavor. A place of the heart.

"This is the feeling" I whispered to HER. "This is what wants to be supported."

And from the land, and perhaps other places like it, I heard these words. "What kept you?"