The Chrysalis Phase ~

The Chrysalis Phase ~

During the Post-Equinox Re-set Integration call the other day, the opportunity was given for each of us to receive a sign. An actual sign, meaning a symbol or feeling or sound that represents what we most need to get us through the transition that this month holds for all of us.

I usually do not receive something 'personal' during such an exercise and this was no exception. What I did see was the fluttering of butterfly wings. Luminescent wings fluttering out of a grey fog. That about sums it up, if you can see into the inner worlds right now. ;)

When core issues are up for any of us, and they are up for the whole world right now, we are in a fog of chaos. Even in our most clear and pristine moments, we are surrounded by the chaotic energies we have just lifted our noses from.

These fluttering wings caught my attention. I noticed the fog they were attempting to fan away from themselves. I noticed that I could not really see the body of the alleged little flying thing. I noticed that what some of the energies wanted was for this to be the slow, careful, fluttering of the wings as they dry. The final stage before flight. This was not that.

What I observed was not the wing-strengthening struggle to be free of the chrysalis, but the flutter of almost-free wings that are still wet with both fog and creative dew.

Their delicate opalescence made me smile while the other energies these wings were immersed in provoked compassion for the process of emergence.  A process which I have undergone and you are moving through. Honor your process. I know you will do better at that than I did. I was impatient. I wanted those bloody wings to fan and dry and to soar!!!!  Yesterday! And emergence does not conform to those expectations.

Emergence is powerful, yes, and it is a gentle thing. A loving assertion of Source's plan, will, or however you perceive that 'agenda' that steadfastly and patiently waits until we let go and let it take over.

As your mentor, I will never, and I use that word absolutely and with conviction, never ask you to let 'me' take over. That would be absurdly and grossly inappropriate. Take stock for a moment. What or who else have you projected that onto? Some outer spiritual authority? Family members or situations? Take the time to observe yourself and notice. Then, don't just do the bland and banal. Don't say to yourself "Too right, I always do that or act that way..."  Lovingly and powerfully allow Source to move through you and CHANGE YOU. Stop defending the caterpillar's point of view.


What position are you defending?

The one thing, and I do mean the ONE THING, we have control over is our ability to surrender control. Not to another. That never goes so well. To the Source that moves through us. And sometimes, just sometimes, there is one who has gone a bit further, or dissolved a bit more, or through whom the love-light moves more purely, even in a certain direction, from whom we can receive a bit of hope, a bit of guidance, a bit of encouragement... or maybe a LOT of encouragement, as we move through the illusion of shadow that lies just outside our stellar cores.

This month we are in a chrysalis phase. Total liquidation of EVERYTHING we thought we were or knew ourselves to be, in this physical world.

We all want the drying wings to be the next step. What is required is the total dissolution of that little caterpillar buddy inside, the one who truly does have to morph in place for us to take flight. First, we surrender. Then we flutter for a bit. Then we expand our newfound forms and allow our wings to dry. Ready, aim, fly. Order, in this case, is important.

Love to your emerging wings!
Speak soon!