The End of the Dark Night ~ Resistance is Futile

The End of the Dark Night ~ Resistance is Futile

I'm not sure why I'm writing about this just now, other than when everyone's core issues are up, it feels like a planetary 'dark night'. That has been talked about for the past year or so in many blogs and articles and podcasts and etc.

Each of us, each in our own way, is going through a version of this experience just now. The worst thing any of us can do is to distract ourselves from it, to ignore it, or to postpone moving through what simply needs to be moved through. Best advice? Take a few deep, calming and centering breaths, and dive in! Feel the feelings. Let them bottom out into laughter and light.

When my chapter on my total immersion experience in what is called the 'dark night of the soul' was reviewed by my writers'-coaching platform, one reviewer strenuously objected to the content. She indicated that it evoked really dark energies, and she was surprised that one who was 'of the light' would submit something like that. She promptly stopped reviewing any more chapters. Apparently, it scared her shitless. LOL

No one wants to go through the dissolution of the 'dark night' experience. Until recently, most who have been through it and awakened do not talk or write about it (Adyashanti, Andrew Harvey and myself being notable exceptions). Why? Because who would do it? Who would go through it voluntarily? Who would listen to the truth?

Before I made that transit, I might have answered "Only those who truly want to awaken!" all up in my spiritual ego, you know.  While that is true, and no one 'gets out of here alive', meaning no ego is left un-trampled, I would now answer differently.

Some go through what I like to call the tea bag immersions. Source dunks them in their most deeply held shadow (all that has been judged against and held outside of love) a bit at a time until their cup begins to 'runneth over'. Many design their awakenings according to this model.

Then Source intervenes. SHE plants the 'ENOUGH' flag right in the middle of our most cherished territory so that the ground beneath us begins to shake. As the gaping maw of the Infinite yawns through our lives, SHE does not shout. SHE does not whisper. SHE plants a boot in the small of our backs (or lower if need be) and shoves us, all anyhow, into what our egos tell us is the abyss. Total obliteration! The one thing we cannot and will not allow! And, of course, it takes the form of inner and/or outer life circumstances, using what will trigger us the most, the hardest and the fastest. Because it is TIME.

As the French say, "Tant pis! Désoleé!" {Too bad! Sorry!} SHE grins this at us, as HER embrace enfolds us, though we may see and feel it not. {In the depths of this process, usually not.}

Thou shalt surrender and trust is the name of this tune. The music gets louder and louder, vibrating loose our death grip on reality as we knew it until we have no choice but to 'do it HER way'.

Did I think 'HER way' was also my way? Hell no! Oh, I would have told you so. My mind thought so. My spiritual ego played the game right enough. It took me OUT and DOWN to the point where I was certain I was losing my sanity, even as I taught and did healing for others and worked a 15-hour-a-day tech job. Holding on can take many forms. LOL

Some tell themselves they are not ready. Some other life, you know? Some delay the inevitable by pointing to the long list of 'have-tos' that HAVE to be finished first. Family. Finances. Etc. Etc. Etc. The longer the list and the more ardently we defer to it, the more items SHE puts on Kali's list. Just sayin'. "This too, could be taken from you or blow up right in your face."

Huge hint: If you let go, that loss and blowing up stuff need not happen. Oh, it might, but you'd scarcely notice. My first Saturn return was like that. I know whereof I speak, having gone t hrough it 'both ways', toally surrendered, thinking I was there, and 'not so much'.

When it is time, it is TIME. Some of you are there. Some are not. Now, everyone reading this is telling themselves the 'not' version of the story. LOL

Some write a shortcut into their script, having a catastrophic event happen (or a few) so that they shortcut a few or several lifetimes of event-driven learning. A cool workaround, actually. Clever. And it does not prevent the inevitable. It does not delay it. It brings the transit into the light closer.

You knew that, coming in. You knew this opportunity lurked within the parameters of this lifetime.

The Infinite is NOT the Borg. Resistance IS futile. Assimilation is available. It really is a bit like ripping off a band-aid, simultaneous with stumbling into Ecstasy.

You are loved and supported. You were literally born for this.

Come and Get It

The Beatles

If you want it
Here it is,
Come and get it.
Make your mind up fast.

If you want it
Anytime I can give it
But you better hurry
Cause it may not last

Did I hear you say
That there must be a catch
Will you walk away...

If you want it,
Here it is,
Come and get it,
But you better hurry
Cause it's going fast...

No one can give you enlightenment or embodiment. These states of being cannot be earned and they cannot be conferred. They are this time, in this lifetime... no guarantees for extentions in other lives.

...if you so choose. 

What are you waiting for, really?

~Infinite Love,



Amen to that...xo