What Do I Most Need to Know?

What Do I Most Need to {Embody / Feel / Receive / Accept...}?

What is the truth of this situation? That is the most important question we can ask. Ever. Under any circumstances. Another flavor is: Show me what is REAL.

Then, listen. Listen beneath the surface ripples. The first layer or three will tell you of the present, the past, and fears for the future. All stories bearing witness to your victimization and how you have been misunderstood. These are not the layers that require your attention. Don't get stuck there.

Listen deeper. "Oh, I know this core pattern" is a good second step. The next question needs to be "What DON'T I know about this? What am I being shown?"  Don't get stuck where your mind tells you to go.

I see, feel and hear lots of people running around in that little delusional container between their ears re-inventing the same old stories. I have to do this... it has to happen this way because... even when these same beings know they have outgrown those bedtime tales.

What do you most need to know? What will get you through the Equinox re-set and land you on the fields of possibility that will give you the most joy? 

Take a few minutes out of your current immersion and contemplate this. Sit with the feelings of expansion and joy, no matter how remotely remembered. Why do these feelings, these states of being, not accompany you always? Because you have compartmentalized them into 'that stuff' as opposed to 'your life'. There is separation running between Source and self.

If you have not done this already, and perhaps even if you have done, ask that all of your contracts for separation be unconditionally obliterated. Feel the feelings that ask brings up and take the leap. I did this decades ago, without knowing what I had surrendered and it made 'all the difference' in a parade of 'differences' and expansions.

You've heard the expression 'beating a dead horse'? Well the one that really bites is the 'beating of the rebel horse'. This 'horse' is sometimes known as a mule or donkey. Stubborn, intractable, with the reputation of being unteachable. Why? In spiritual-speak it is the part of ourselves that wants to do it 'our own way' and refuses to be subject to dominance or hierarchy in any form. Those are not bad refusals, mind, but this part of our ego uses them to its own ends. "I'll be enlightened but I'll do it my way."

In colloquial-speak... NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. 

Embodiment is done Source's way. Period. Full stop. End of file. "Well, no one is going to tell me how to do that!" Fair enough. And those who offer assistance? Wil you piss on them as well? Because the attitude behind 'no one is going to tell me' is that that voice inside you is closed to the truth. Source's emissaries point many ways toward truth, praying that those choosing light will find even one thread to follow 'home'.

This one always used to set my teeth on edge, because of what I was taught the word meant... and it makes me grin widely now. "What would humility do? What does true humility tell you?" Not being humbled. Not the ego confusing truth-telling with putdowns. Not the ego doing its duality dance with authority projected both internally and externally. 

What do you most need to know? The truth. As much truth as you can handle at any moment in any situation.

Yeshua is quoted as saying "I AM the way, the truth, and the light." Whether 'he' did or did not is a point of the moot persuasion. We are all the seeds of light that Source has planted on this world. We volunteered for the mission. One can feel lots of ways about that, but that doesn't really matter does it?

As one of my martial arts instructors used to say, (with one leg fully extended straight up over his head) " I can do, you can do." I used to mutter 'uh-huh' under my breath, as I struggled for one more inch of stretch...

He also stretches 20 minutes morning and evening and has done so for decades...

What is the truth? When we practice what we want to achieve instead of (or during) complaining that we don't have it and telling ourselves the stories we were taught to tell about why it is everyone else's fault or that of our own horrible programs that everything is going the way it is right now... we come, through that practice, to the truth.

Are you practicing your light? Don't judge and blame. Anything or anyone, most of all yourself. Look for the truth. Demand its presence. Yours will follow close behind.


The best temples build themselves from a love of light.

Tough crossing shining ones... may SHE bless your passage.
With more love than you may yet be ready to receive,