Clearing the Core ~

Clearing the Core ~

Core issues, anyone? For a few years now, we have had things come back around. These issues we thought we had dealt with and moved beyond seem to have taken up permanent residence... to be transcended, then come around again. 

The last revolutions of our core issues are, inherently and necessarily, held at the deepest levels of ourselves. I could talk about how these threads weave into the core threads of our tapestry of being and will, if need be, The main thing that wants saying at this point, though, is that if we are diligent and persistent in giving everything that is 'up' over to Source, we may finally see the 'source' of these patterns and be able to be free of them.

Freeing our core patterns frees up the energy the Source energies they have usurped from our evolutionary trajectories for lifetimes. And yes, these are always multi-life patterns. Remember that we choose the so-called past-life patterns to come into an incarnation with, just as we choose our parents and birth situation.

Why do we have to see it to be free? Because we set things up that way. Light is the information quotient of love and to live it, to become it, we must internalize the wisdom.

Here is an example:
Once upon a time, a priestess who loved and was unconditionally dedicated to Source, found that she had unknowingly been teaching the neophytes and beginners a twisted, misperceived version of the path to the stars (a lovely metaphor for finding the 'home' that is divinity within).

She was so distraught, on seeing this, that she unwittingly took her own life. And, upon realizing what she had done, had a good laugh with her light family, and set herself up for an incarnation of atonement. In the New Age pop culture, it is said that 'atonement' is really 'at-one-ment'. It does work that way, though not in the lip service way most easily perceived.

So this priestess was reborn into a family of modest circumstances so that she would not be tempted by the distractions of the material world. She was introduced, in utero, to a teacher of the light who was, in actuality, running both the true light and the false. And so, the battle began. Or so it was designed by this being, in order to understand how and why this could have happened, in her experience, or anyone's. How could the true light be misperceived? How could she have been so blind? {Self-betrayal is a bitch in any lifetime and on any world... we feel stupid, incompetent, and unworthy.}

So the little priestess, knowing what she truly was, was told that and other things too. Duality anyone? She used to curl into a tiny ball in the family flat, watching the energy abuses flying around and past her, trembling. Her little hands shaking, she prayed to Source for safety and deliverance. She knew that these energies were coming through those who were there to support and care for her and it terrified, horrified, and traumatized her body, though her awareness remained steadfast.

The reincarnated priestess left home as a teenager, as early as possible really. She dedicated herself to the light with great determination, dedication, and discipline. She vowed to NEVER... well you know that one. It 'never' ends well.

Then, when she had been studying with a master for awhile, she found herself sharing a flat with another being who was allowing manipulative energy abuse to run through her. Whether the 'other' knew of this or not, the young re-incarnation did not know or care to know. She stood and she fought, inwardly, and she was smacked down. Damage occurred to her physical balance and auditory perception, the things she loved most about being in this new body. 'They' always hit where it hurts the most.

The young girl meditated. She visited many gifted healers. She asked her Teacher for help. He told her this was not metabolic but something internally energetic and that he would do what he could. She didn't understand that, then. Oh, she was grateful for the help, as the physical dysfunction ended almost at once. Another miracle in a life filled with miraculous events.

Twenty years later, with the effects of the smackdown still affecting her and largely ignored by now, the warrior goddess chose to break free. She agreed with Source to the obliteration of her old life and the emergence into something new. Liberation. At last. Or so she felt.

And then, what should show up but another being offering help but who ran that twisted energy in a covert way, a way the warrior refused to see because she thought she was powerful enough to overcome it. Within a few months of exiting the old life and, she was certain, the old patterns, the warrior goddess was struck down again. Where was the light? Where was the Invincible Force? Within her. She knew that. "I am thine and thou art mine." Why was this happening to the body and physical life? Why was there a dichotomy? Where was its source?

The now-having-to-heal-again one remained steadfast and determined as she received yet another set of miraculous healings... though feeling as though she now embodied the one threat her teacher had always been able to successfully use on her... "... hell worlds for effing ever..." And she survived. She healed. She moved through layer after layer of dualistic shedding and calving (the kind glaciers do). The hells subsided, long after the 'dark night' had been transcended in consciousness.

She entered into yet another new life whilst still in this body she had chosen as her atonement vehicle. And at first... it was wondrous. Such promise! A return to collaboration! A return to the truth that she knew she embodied... and then... enter the sorcery.

The glowing one found herself living in a situation laced through with the energies of power abuse and manipulation... and this time, she had had enough. "O.F.F.S.!!!!!" she exclaimed to the Source that is the all and neither within nor without. "This has been out of my experience for decades now! WTF?????!!!!" 

Then, as she sat in deep meditation, being pounded by these other energies and not understanding why...

She was shown that the atonement agenda was not even her own, but another manipulation projected onto her being (and willingly taken on, mind) by other forces. She saw that all of these situations, including others in other lives, had produced an internalized pattern that could not simply be 'offered up' or 'let go' but had to be annihilated as though it had never been.

A deep core of the humility she had been cultivating for lifetimes and that had, in truth, never left her, whispered from behind these threads in her core essence. "Ask for help." And though the shining one knew, or thought she knew, that she had not only asked but screamed for help in every dimension and reality... she took a deep breath... and, to her surprise, began to scream like a child in pain.

The scream seemed rooted not only in her very essence but in all that she had ever observed on this world in any lifetime. It held all of the despair, terror, and horror that she had ever witnessed or felt. And it continued. She learned to let it out in small doses, weeping and feeling the laughter that instantly welled up beneath each bout of tears.

And all through this process, she was held by her circle of light. The inner intimate circle of emergence that some call angels. Years ago, in this incarnation, she had been told to "call the twelve" and, being not so self-important, or maybe very much so, she had understood that she was not to be the 'central thirteenth' because that is Source's position... and so she waited for further instructions that never came... or so she thought.

She had forgotten the 'twelve' you see. The original blueprint of the pattern behind this pattern. The twelve angels 'of Atlantis' {which is only one way of speaking about these emanations} whom she felt had been betrayed. She had forgotten her ridiculous vows to make things right. And so, now, as what she had believed to be her core was dissolving at last, including the horrors of the false light, the twelve came to her assistance.

'They' arrived, unbidden except by her quiet, silent prayer... taking responsibility, and willing to stand for whatever Source might choose through her.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you." The Ho'Oponopono prayer from the Huna traditions ran through her body like water.

And so, the priestess, the warrior goddess, the glowing-shining one, was no more... What happened to 'her'? Find your own threads and you will know.

The question you really want to be answered is 'what is going to happen to me?' And your ego tells you that you should be afraid.

Who or what do you identify with in this story? How do you want it to end? What is your takeaway from this tale of delusional devotion to something that was never 'real'?

Before you get too upset, no, I don't mean the light and the truth are not real. Silly rabbit. The story never had to be. Three is the number of manifestation. The real light, the false light and the being that held them 'at bay' or 'in play' manifested this pattern. It wove itself as 'core' in order to avoid its demise.

Is your love strong enough?

Blessings in your core clearing adventures.

Please do not share this beyond the mentoring group.