Radical Re-Set, Go!

Radical Re-Set, Go!

You noticed there was no 'ready' in that sequence? One of my favorite jokes on the planet has always been that in the sequence "Ready, Aim, Fire" order tends to be important. Have you noticed all of the 'firing' going on? Synapses, neurons, rogue particles, tempers, tantrums, belief systems. defended positions... whew! A veritable shite-storm of grander than epic proportions!

What this is, is a fear-orchestrated sandbox war. The kind we allegedly left behind in kindergarten. A person acts out because the autopilot adrenal responses are in massive PTSD: run-fight-freeze/fight-freeze-run/freeze-run-fight... or wait, maybe it's backward, or inside out! So try again by asserting all three at once! RFFUIRNGEHZTE!!!! {AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!} And all of this while you're trying to get through your day and, perhaps, do so with some consciousness.

The result is chronic adrenal fatigue, depleted kidney function and a brain that interprets this as severe glucose deprivation and triggers every addiction your body has ever entertained or avoided. The more conscious you are, the more uncomfortable this is. Until you realize what is happening and step off.

Some forms of torture must simply be left behind. Oh, wait, that's all of them.

Sometimes we literally have to walk away when a situation WILL NOT change to lift itself in harmony with our vibration. Often the lifting of our vibration and shifting our orb of light (particle...sphere) to a different frequency will orchestrate such a change... in the situation, mirroring our change, or it will show us steps to take to do the beating of feet necessary to lift ourselves out of the mire of unsuitable vibrations.

I have been asked, over the years, "Where does that leave______{insert life situation or people here}?" The answer? BEHIND. It leaves those things in Source's care, in the vibration that it/they need to inhabit and it frees the being you are to travel onward.

The big hangup most light carriers have about leaving anyone or anything behind comes form Atlantis. Could/would/shoulda... when Gaia actually views that incident (which was repeated three times, in case you missed the syndication) as a 'tummy tuck.' Incidental to her evolution, apparently traumatic to the bipeds who may or may not have been involved.

What most fear, Barbra Hand Clow called "Catastrophobia" in her book by that name. I'm not recommending you read it or recommending against it. I read it when published, agree with her assessment and have moved... WAY... ON. Funny, my fingers wanted to write OM instead of ON. Ha! {which is truly spelled AUM... so there you go}

This new moon/eclipse/elemental change (so-called Chinese new year) is a radical re-set. Why not let that happen? The effects will be on-going from this and begin to manifest on the subtle levels at first pass. Those subtle levels may or may not seem gargantuan to the linearly-conditioned mind. To those beginning to allow spherical perception, it will grok more easily.

The changes will manifest more quickly the more completely any of us can let go... of what? Everything we think we know. {'think' is the operative here}

Here is a fun thing: Do this exercise two ways. First, fill in the blanks for yourself in your current state of mind, then in your projected-desired state of being. Second, fill in the blanks as though you were talking about 'me' or any other awakened one... use your avatar of choice.

This is a classic 'branding' exercise but it proves informative.

I AM _______. I provide __________ for ___________. It/They (that/those being provided for) need ____________. Therefore when the above is provided they change in the following ways_______________. 

NOW... when you've let your mind, our essence and whatever bodies wanted to participate play this game... APPLY IT TO SOURCE as you have projected that onto something outside yourself. Easiest? Apply it to Nalini. Or use another avatar if that suits. I don't need to know, unless you're courageous enough to post it in the comments, and no one needs to see any of this.

(Chosen avatar) IS_________. S/HE provides _________ for _________. I/They need ____________. I/They change in these ways as a result... 

For example: "I am more connected with or better express my divine spark and this connection or expression benefits my life in these ways ________."  No, that is not necessarily the correct answer, it is an example.

NOW... are you grateful? To SOURCE? What have you projected? What do you own? What's next? THAT is what you fear. THAT is what is busting your whatevers right this very minute.

Serve it up to Sekhmet or Kali or let HER DIVINE IMMENSENESS in whatever form (which does happen to be 'feminine' in nature in this corner of the ALL) do whatever with it.

"You can't beat a river into submission. You must surrender to it."
~ The Ancient One, Dr. Strange, Marvel Universe

You are the river and have the opportunity to choose your expression in particular.


Just Sayin'... Happy transition!!