The Guru / Disciple Polarity ~

The Guru / Disciple Polarity ~

Hi there. It’s been awhile. Lots of flying fish to fry.

This polarized relationship is one that has to end.

If we were to break this paradigm down, into its components, it might look a bit like this…
{Add your bits, please, as you peruse.}
First, the baseline tension aspects.

Guru Disciple
Knower Learner
Higher Frequency Rising Vibration
Power Powerless / Less Power
Higher Lower
Authority Fool
Responsible Irresponsible
… {and the bleat goes on…}

Now, imagine, visualise this as a torus. The boxes and lables are there, but the terms and conditions fly freely in that donut-shaped, conditioned space.

Which pieces want to play or stick together?
For example: Is it better to always have a rising vibration, so then it is better to be somehow lower, an always-learner and not responsible? Is it the responsibility of the Guru to parent the Disciple? What stories live inside your vibrational torus, with this paradigm?

What is the way out? __________{your intuition goes here}

What is the worst fear? _________{your programmed egoic terror goes here}

A line of code exists that reads: The way out will ALWAYS land you in your worst fear state, in order to keep you within this bubble, this false torus of reality.

The torus filters and interprets your reality in ways you might not recognize. It is a fluid miasm of toxic relating. NOT HER WAY.

The resolution to this (not the same as the perceived ‘way out’ btw) is HER Way of Oneness.

What do you need to release to be that solution to the “problem” of your own ego?

Ask HER. Work the above process, then be ready to listen to HER answer.

Hint: You might want to ask more than once. ;)

If the “blue pill” of illusion and denial is tempting, and it will be once and awhile for everyone… you might want to ask HER where that road leads. SHE will show you. Or, hey, why don’t I share that information right here, right now. This is where that road leads. This world. Right here. Right now. Is this where you wanted to end up?

Before your mind begins to rationalize about all you have gained and all the good you’ve done, all the karmic debt you’ve paid… remember that your current experience of reality… is what you get for “thinking.”

Use your mind. Don’t let the way the collective has programmed it, abuse you.

Another Hint: Taking the “red pill” will never lead you into destitution, or, as in the Matrix films, “the desert of the real…” That is what the ego and the collective want you to believe. It keeps them safe… that is not what it does for you.

So what is your divine expression? Would you like to find out? Immersion is Her how.

SHE welcomes you into HER Way of Oneness. You’re already there. You only forget to remember.

~Love to ‘that you’, from ‘that place’,