What Does it Mean to Process Something?

What Does it Mean to Process Something?

When I was still an IT consultant, I had to tell someone I had been in business acquaintance with for many years that one of his contractors was being accused of sexual harassment. It was not the easiest conversation I’ve ever had, especially because the woman in question, the accuser, was a lying, manipulating little… well, you get the point. It wasn’t true. So, I told my ‘friend’ the whole truth as I perceived it because he was going to have to know. His first response, other than ‘wow’, was “I don’t know how to process that.”

I had been doing egoic dissolution processing for many years at that point. I heard him use the word, knowing he meant something quite different by ‘process’. He meant that he was trying to wrap his mind around the information. He meant he was going to try to suss this out, to bring it to some kind of understanding. This is NOT what dissolution processing is about, nor what it means.

When we process something, in terms of awakening, it is not because we want our minds to understand it. It is because we want our body/mind continuum to release the pattern/program or whatever-it-is once and for all! We want to pull together the energies involved, which sometimes requires pulling together the information our minds have stored. That is the only relevance that mental information has on what is happening.

There are many ways to release the mental-emotional-physical programs our bodies and minds hold. Some people like the ‘squares’ technique taught by Leslie Temple-Thurston before she retired. Some like the Sedona Method or Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’. For programs stuck in the physical body there are NET, NLP, (neuro-emotional-therapy and neuro-linguistic-programming) etc. etc.

There are many teachers of many techniques available. I have used many over the years of my awakenings, and as most of you know, a specific, thorough and all-encompassing technique was downloaded to me direct from Source. At first I called it spiritual root cause analysis, because that is an apt description. Later, I re-named it Hacking the Matrix… but, as that has been co-opted in so many different ways, I am less likely to teach the method under that name now.

Regardless of the method used, self-discovery and the awakening process require that we pro-actively examine the internal code that has us stuck in parameterized ways of moving through life.

Even if your goal is not to awaken, or be awake (the steps AFTER awakening) but only to live as a more enlightened being, you will need to do what is called ‘doing the work’. That is why Byron Katie copyrighted that name for her process. ;)

Processing is not only mental, not only emotional, not only physical. It needs to encompass all of the above. I studied many years with many different healers, teachers, and forms of dissolution in order for Source to be able to download the pieces of a process that would efficiently and effectively deliver a full toroidal release. Not only that, but a release that is permanent!

What I hadn’t quite realised, is how attached to their parameters most people truly are. I knew I had designed mine to be demolished. I suppose that could be said to be an ‘unfair advantage’ and some have said so in no uncertain terms. The thing is, if your desire is to live as embodied light, your parameters were designed to be demolished as well. {#true4U2}

The resistance stands to reason. We choose the parameters of our incarnation, then live out the lifetime within them. We are literally programmed to feel and believe that this cannot change. It does not need to change. It would be fatal for these parameters to be altered. Well, fatal to the ego, yes.

So, when we begin the task of awakening, which is then followed by, or not followed by, BEING awake, one of the first things to be surrendered is our addiction to being who we are and the way we are. All of it. Sorry! The rub is that we simultaneously need to love every bit of the who/what or it won’t let go. Sound impossible? It is not. I did it. So can you.

Remember Sananda’s words? “The works that I do, ye can do also.” Notice he referenced ‘works’… most people think that meant healing and raising the dead… miracles, in other words. Miracles happen when enough old parameters have been released to let Source in. SHE has to be let all the way in. There is no other ‘way’ or ‘truth’ or ‘light’.

So, why discuss this? There is dispensation in this new cycle to make egoic dissolution simpler, easier, and, if not more fun, a slightly smoother ride. This does not mean there is no work involved. So many people have quit studying with me because they got fed up and overwhelmed by (meaning their egos won) having to do “so much work”. Poor things.

Awakening takes perseverance, stamina, patience, and discipline. It takes learning to not take your own ego personally. Remembering that you are de-bugging your incarnational programming. Some of it you wrote, some of it was inherited, some of it was imprinted, or implanted, or weaponized within you. De-bugging someone else’s code is always more of a bitch, right? The tech types know whereof I speak. When we don’t understand the function call (why something is being activated) we won’t understand the purpose of the function.

My question to you, oh shining ones, is a simple one. Are you waiting around to see if Source will dissolve everything for you? Long wait. No rewards. Guaranteed ticket back ‘here’ or somewhere like it.

~ OR ~

Are you interested in BEING AWAKE? Or different? Or living a more light-filled life? I have no investment in which of these appeals to you. Truly. It is important, however, that you are clear on your desired outcome. Then, the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ are up to Source. Even the details of the ‘what’, by and large.

The ‘what’ is pretty great, if I’m honest. I live in what is known as the Dreamtime almost exclusively now. My experiences on my travels have shown me this in glorious, light-filled specificity. Nature and I don’t have to have conversations, even psychically, unless we choose to. We are part of one another. The light is ever-present, as are answers to any query, intuitions or every occasion, and solutions to any alleged issue.

If that sounds like fun to you, you’re in the right place. Truth be told, you’re in the right place for what you have chosen, no matter what. Nice to know, right?

I hope this lends a bit of clarity to the processing thing. Processing and mental comprehension are not the same thing. Processing and cool information are not the same thing. Processing, as I am speaking about it here, means releasing the patterns that define your egoic state. It is a game worth playing. Or, hey, you could go bowling. ;)


Though it DOES help to have a guide and/or something to emulate. It helped me. I hope it helps you.

Infinite Love,