Confused and Lost?

Confused and Lost?

Welcome to the Purge. Yes, the realities of this world are surfing purgatorial waters. Let's not pretend otherwise. Don't get mad, get moving!!!

Have you been ill lately? Well, yes, maybe for a while now... but more recently? There are viral pandemic pathogens being unleashed in certain bandwidths. It is pointed, purposeful, and not anything you need to buy into. That said if you have been ill lately with odd flu-like stuphs, take heart. Use your particle meditation exercise and let the purging move through you lickety-split (emphasis on the splitting) at lightspeed.

You can tell how much your bodies (especially the physical one) are investing energy in the status quo or powers-that-were realities by how ill you feel as these realities leave your field. Instead of fighting the symptoms, use healing remedies to move them through more quickly.

{Please note that if you are under medical care for any reason, this is not medical advice nor ought it be construed to be health advice of any kind. For such consultation, please see your medical professionals.} Legal necessities as this is in print.

Use your healers. Wellness is not the absence of symptoms. It is the life-affirming flow of abundance and joy in our bodies. It is the activation of the light filaments that allow our bodies to be and do so much more than the established establishments are remotely aware is possible. that said, please note the above disclaimer. ;)  And also use your healers.

What is the point of this little missive? The world as we choose to know it resides within each of our particles within the great wave. The world as anyone else knows or sees or participates in it is immersed in the unknown.  We tend to KNOW ourselves best as immersed in the unknowable. Feel the difference?

"I thought I knew what I wanted but..." "My dream is/was manifesting and then..." "This all looked so great until..." Are you experiencing variations on that scream? This is the shift hitting the divine fan. You were right. We all were. Things are/were falling into place.

Here's the kicker. WHAT place? What is/was egoic is being sifted, threshed, beaten like a dirty rug, out of our awarenesses. What is true will remain and shine like the proverbial diamond.

When mining, the act of uncovering something precious, is practiced as a form of enforced slavery, it becomes something that must be purged. The practice, not the 'precious'.

What are basic practices for uncovering your 'diamond', currently in need of replacement?

We began with meditation. The 'how' not the 'why.' Next is manifestation. The 'how' not the 'what.'  What comes next? Exposure.

What are you really? What light quotient or quality did you incarnate to radiate? What are you waiting for? There is no 'why.'

We are here, to be ambassadors of particularized love-light, to allow the Divine to turn that on, fully empowered, and to radiate it. Once it is fully functional, we shine that radiance in any way we might choose. Does that end your confusion or has it only just begun?

What this is NOT: the ego's endorsement to do what 'it' wants. You know that bit about what used to work tanking faster than it ever helped before? Get a grok on that one. Fast. You know... at that speed you were born to move within and 'no one else' understands.

We do. We, the streaming beings of your true family of origin. Breathe. Relax. Be. Let the purging move quickly. It will raise your vibration to 'comfortable' if you allow this to happen quickly.

If it seems to take awhile, then you are investing in some kind of learning from that process. Some of us may not join you on that adventure but there are infinite worlds to explore and navigate within. You'll want to choose the shiny ones. The sparkles. The joy.

Here is another 'new' basic practice. After your meditation, or maybe during, allow yourself to feel what it would be like for you to be unencumbered. Free. Not wearing the guise of anything or anyone, for anyone but your home frequencies. when your body heaves that inner (or loud) sigh of relief, that's it. NOW, set the intention that you will walk this for at least half an hour today. Fully embodied ambulatory exposed frequency bundle. Woo!

Feels weird? Of course, at first. Keep practicing. Soon you'll wonder why you ever traveled with all that other luggage. And all of that 'other luggage' energy will be free to support what brings you joy.

PS - You know the Divine and I (not separate, just a figure of speech) can see through all that hidey stuff right? {stifling divine giggles here}

You have always been 'safe' in the heart of All That Is.

Keep practicing!