Manifesting through Abundance and Joy

Manifesting through Abundance and Joy

There is a science to embodying Source and living as the high frequency being that you are.

Manifesting must come from the frequencies that resonate with your home frequency. The truth is that you DO know what that is, and how it best functions. For what were likely very good reasons at those choicepoints, you decided to forget. Except that you couldn't, could you? Not really.

Essential energy is your one true resource. SOURCE is THE one true resource.

Manifesting from essence is simple. The steps below outline an experiment you can perform in the living lab you call your life. Before you begin, remember this. Essential energy is your one true resource. SOURCE is THE one true resource. Everything else is a fractal of this energy.

Start with the feelings of abundance and joy. Keep your mind from running off into the 'hows' of it all. How will I manifest []? How will this work? How-how-how? STOP IT. Let's begin again.

What does abundance and joy feel like to a streaming being born of starlight? {YOU, in case that was lost in translation.} Got it?

From these feelings, follow this outline with your awareness and your life as your lab.

1) DECIDE to manifest something. Start with a 'thing' or situation in particular at first. You are building a new muscle and trying to train all muscles at once is like learning a new martial art from scratch in 24 hours. You won't survive the crossing. ;)


2) Choose to TRUST. Trust that Source has this manifestation already in place and that you are simply calling it forth. Drop all thoughts of right, wrong, success, disaster and lift your decision into Source's arms by choosing to TRUST. Just do it.


3) AFFIRM that your decided upon, chosen, and desired manifestation is a done thing. It exists, not in some existential future or parallel reality, but in the PRESENT. Feel 'it' manifest through you and around you. Let the initial feelings of abundance and joy dance through this vision. Hold it for a minute or two. Continue with 'thank you.'


4) Thank you (Source) that this exists within and through me and that it is, even now, manifesting as and in my life. If you want to amplify the tech factor, add 'through the high frequencies I now embody.'

5) Do not let your mind move you out of this alignment. Let yourself be held in the creative flow of this manifesting vibration.


Source now has carte blanche to use anything and anyone to help in channeling your manifestation through you and into your experience of reality.

It takes a firm and conscious decision.



Practice this daily. Once will do. The follow-through is in each moment of presence as you listen and take the actions Source inspires you to take.

If you want to amplify this process or use it for something 'BIG' (Source does not use size as a parameter, btw), add the following:

Each night before you sleep, or before napping, invoke Source and your subconscious mind, as allies. State that you would like assistance with (or a solution for) your desired manifestation. Feel the flow of abundance and joy and your gratitude for these states of being. Let go. Sleep.

When you awake or get up from your reverie if sleep eludes you, LISTEN and PAY ATTENTION {that which is investing Source energy wisely} to the voice of Spirit. Your intuition will give you feelings, images, sometimes words, sometimes billboards or signposts, as to what is the action or non-action to take in each moment of NOW.

Invest Source's energy wisely and reap the highest dividends in all of creation.

Have fun with this!

Each moment is a miracle waiting to manifest.

~love and ear scooches (many four-leggeds assisting)