Living A New Commitment ~

Oh yes, you very much did sign up for that! Don't lie to yourself. It's time. Time to not build yourself up for a running start or to wait until you have the energy and/or courage, but to take that leap of DESTINY and TRUST and leave the duality-based linear-progression worlds behind you and enter the realms of quantum possibilities.

If you didn't want to do this, you wouldn't be part of this learning process. You'd be dying.

There is a crazy learning process happening... some of it involving saving passwords, keys, and other items that you will need, not only to access your crypto accounts like Steemit, but the higher realms of light.

If you feel into it, you will remember. In the Tibetan tradition, these are called termas. Push pins or stashes of awareness and light you put in a 'safe place' in a geographical region or, more likely, a parallel or higher dimension, to be accessed when you were ready to make another jump. Just FYI? Ready has nothing to do with anything right now. All of those stashes are coming home to roost within your awareness. The way to navigate this is to relax, and let them in. 

These are parts of us that we need in order to navigate what we are creating. This is a commitment kind of time for us, we streaming beings. What will you commit to? And this process, this crazy learning curve, is part of what you are committing to.

May I state simply that continuing to commit, by default, to your habitual, conditioned, learned or brow-beaten family dynamics even by unconscious default, is going to get you dead, not evolved. Time to trade up! Literally.

Ok, just to re-state! Time to pull your head out of what is left of your family dynamic, NOT leave a toe in the door just in case you need that kind of support (are you kidding? really?) and FLY.

This never means what your ego will tell you it means. I hear people say to me how they have these loving, supportive families. That's cool. I chose not to have that in this life so as not to be distracted. Do you not get it that every time you are about to make a quantum leap those old commitments will rise up and create some crazy thing you have to handle and prevent the jump? Every flippin' time? 

Watch what you reach for, as you edge further into uncertainty. Who you gonna call? It ain't the Ghostbusters. Your ego is reaching for its addictive level of comfort and security, held deeply within your physical body. THAT is part of what you are ACTUALLY committed to. (I really have to learn how to construct these sentences without the preposition at the end... bad grammar... o well.) 

Choose the light that you are over EVERYTHING… and watch how fast things change. Slip back into a habit from the family cluster-fuck, yep, being rude on purpose to get your attention, and watch how things become a mess again, how it is too much, how you go into overwhelm and want to hide or escape or both or all three. 

None of those options are available to us now. The light will come and grab the covers and run off with them, leaving us exposed in ways we’d rather not deal with. And yes, we're all a bit battered and knackered and need to take care of ourselves enough to rest up a bit. That is not what is being addressed here.


We can flow with the learning curve, whether in cryptospace or not, and accelerate into the higher realms of light you still only think you can visit occasionally. (Idiot! If you'll pardon the expression.)

The ego will tell you that you know this light, these ecstatic, expanded states of awareness are part of you, but that you still have to live the way mummy or daddy or both want(ed) you to. In the infamous and timely words of Cher, from Moonstruck.


Wake up, Neo. The Matrix has you. Do you want to live a new destiny or still keep the internal (or external) mummy happy? {And why you would want to please something stumbling around in a mummified consciousness is unfathomable unless you really did come here to embody the old black-and-white zero-tech horror of it all.}

SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!



Where you can go from here is ... anywhere.

This is the final wake-up call. You read that right. FINAL. It grieves me completely to feel for a moment that you would have the arrogance, the audacity and the idiocy to ignore or sleep through this grand awakening.

We don't have to know the earth-based specifics of what we are committing to if/when we commit fully to Source and what the Light has made available to us.

I usually do not speak like this but the situation warrants it. How many beings have the kind of access to a fully embodied being of light that you do? Hey, you must be pretty special, right? Or so your ego might begin to smirk.

This TIME is special. It requires a new level of 'all-in'. I can honestly report that opting out, for the beings that we are, is not an option. Time to particleize and create from within. Time to morph like we've never morphed before (whilst in a body).

The luxury of thinking about it, wondering if this is right, dragging the feet, putting on the brakes in any way, shape, or form, is OVER. Wake up, Neo. It's time to get wise.

Interested? You've stumbled into and hopefully committed to the right program!

Time to let Source turn on the love taps (and believe me when I say you don't know how or what that is) and open up to the Light in ways that will terrify and exhilarate you... and let your divinity HAPPEN through you.

This year we plug all that new energy into our chosen dreams (no, NOT those of our old family dynamics) and watch things ground into the physical and really begin... A great waterfall begins with a few drops. We are those droplets, those rivulets, those currents, those torrents... unless you'd rather be a 'drip'.

This is going to be fun... are you in?

{small hint from the one who knows... if you hesitate... you know the rest of that saying.}

So ARE YOU IN??????????  Source will know before your mind does. So will I.

I always love the WAY OUT signs. Need help? Need a bit of a push out that airlock?





Relax into the transmission. Stop trying to get your excretions together and let it all fall apart. What will fall back together will be wonderful. Oh, and yes, new basic practices arriving on your member page soon.

LOVE from the LIGHT!