Telling A New Story

Our bodies and our lives are manifestations of the stories we tell ourselves. The first step in shifting physicality is to intend and envision a new story. This is not 'positive thinking.' This is reality shifting.

If you're reading this, you have had experiences of using your intention to shift reality. What happened, when that happened, was that your vibration was aligned in such a way as to move your field into a new pattern within the Infinite sea of possibilities.

"...reality is a possibility of consciousness itself..." Amrit Goswami, Ph. D. Professor of Physics

Telling a new story is begun by realizing that your current reality is a reflection of a streaming series of endless possibilities. In other words, you begin to see that there are other possibilities available in every moment.

Before you become overwhelmed and your mind tries to tell you that it cannot possibly handle that (and it would be correct), realize that your vibration serves up a smorgasbord of what is available to YOU at any moment. Before your mind tries to tell you that you are in some way deficient or unworthy or inept, tell it to STOP. Those thoughts and feelings originate from your conditioning and an environment that is too afraid to believe the truth.

"Most people don't affect reality in a consistent and substantial way because they don't believe they can." ~ William Tiller, Ph. D. Professor of Physics

Telling a new story begins, not with belief, which takes the re-wiring of belief systems, thought patterns and habits of behaviour to release. It begins with intention.

How do we use intention to shift the quantum field? One moment, and one synaptic re-alignment at a time.

The scariest thing is not that anything is possible. It is that EVERYTHING is possible. Feel the difference.

Why meditation? It loosens the hard-wiring of the synapses in the brain, gives the hypothalamus a different flavor of bio-chemical drip to process, and instructs the neural nets to pay attention to something besides your DNA, your conditioning and the insanity you were taught was real.

So, meditation. This is a new way. Sit quietly, and yes, it does help the physical body to have the spine straight, mostly because it makes conversations between the brainstem and the rest of the body more coherent. Let go of any rigidity in the body. I mean that. Sit in a way that does not stress out your knees. I mean that too. Enough with dislocations in the name of consciousness!!! That is the martyr behaviour.

Allow yourself to receive input directly from Source. If you are part of this program, a field is being held through me to facilitate and amplify this... NOT to do the lifting. The raising and tuning of your field to morph you into the vibration of what you want to manifest are on you. I will hold your hand while you cross that busy street... the one that moves your awareness from 'caged' to REAL.

Most Starstreams are at least halfway across... and many get lost in the illusion of that crossing. Think of a monstrous highway cloverleaf, with raised and lowered loops and confusing entrances and exits. How does one 'cross' something like that? Especially on foot, when it is packed with speeding vehicles? This is why people get stuck. Overwhelm.

"I want to move into (fill in your new reality wishes) but I don't know how. I don't see a way out of this set of circumstances." OR "I am intending, I want this shift, I choose what is REAL, I just have to complete A,B,C.....Z first..." The truth is, one has to take a leap of trust.

"Thank you that there is a different reality happening right now that my filters won't yet let me see..." And STAY WITH THAT VIBRATION NO MATTER WHAT.

When things feel 'worse' it is because you are walking one of your worst fears. Your programming has identified your choice to exit its hold on you and has sent you to that pattern's version of 'hell'.

It is time for a new story. REPLACE the old worn out story with a new one. Let Source, our Great Mother, dissolve the old one. Don't look back. Don't...look...BACK.

Okay, practical example. "I wish I were as fit as/the size I was/looked like I did at age (fill in your blank). THAT IS LOOKING BACK. THAT IS AN IMPOSSIBLE EQUATION. IT WILL NEVER BECOME REAL BECAUSE THAT MOMENT YOU ARE REFERENCING NO LONGER EXISTS IN THAT FORM. You experienced that! That ticket is torn.

Intend instead, (for this example) that "My body is fit, healthy... etc etc... and that is my current reality." Then express gratitude to Source for the Infinite Grace that makes this so and makes it real for you. Keep practicing until you ARE these frequencies.

One might ask if everything exists everywhere in super-position all the time, and we are always in the all, why can't one (I) choose that same thing in a different way? Answer: Because you are then choosing something different and all of the ramifications and situations that go with the new and different scenario. Elementary space-time equation: Change one thing and it changes everything connected to it. And, since everything is connected...

The translation of telling a new story into physicality is not difficult. It is challenging, only because it flies in the face of 'everything' and one has to be willing to surf that.

Telling a New Story begins with an inner excitement, a knowing that, as good as some of your current story might be, there are better options. There is more of what is called magic and mystery and adventure and possibility to explore.

When your mind tells you, "Oh, I'll just stick with this thanks," don't fight it. Recognize the voice of "the preservation of the status quo" and ignore it. Or not. It is your choice at every moment.

What if, in a new story, those voices (you know the ones) did not exist?

What new story do you desire to make REAL? And so it begins.