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As the year comes to a close we are excited to announce two new programmes that will begin in January, Living A New Destiny, and Starstreaming - Living as an Ever-Morphing Stream of Starlight. We hope you will read through these new offerings to see if one or both of them will be right for you. Also please do check out the new product bundle, Essentials for Shifting, which is offered at a special price in December. It contains two transmissions, The Nature of Truth, and Relating in the Emerging Cycle, both highly relevant to the times at hand. If you have received these transmissions before, listen again, they are timeless gems that will uplift again and again, revealing new insights that you are sure to find helpful right now. If it's your first time, enjoy and deepen into the experience that unfolds for you. (Scroll down to featured products at the bottom of this page.)

New Programmes for 2018

Living A New Destiny


Living A New Destiny
$139.00 Monthly Membership

If you desire a bit of guidance through the first year of open creating in the new cycle, this program was created for you.

The monthly mentoring program includes:

~ an energy update where Nalini points out available openings and opportunities

~ a telegathering transmission event for Q&A

~ eligibility for 1-1 sessions with Nalini at a discounted rate

~ access to private membership pages with posts from Nalini and where questions can be submitted

*Living A New Destiny is a monthly program by subscription. Your account will be debited on the same day each month as the day you signed up for the program.

You may cancel and/or re-subscribe at any time.

Registration will open in January for Living A New Destiny. Sign up below to receive the first transmission and blog article for the programme, to be released in December. This will go to you at no cost, so you can decide if the programme is right for you.


Starstreaming - Living as an Ever-Morphing Stream of Starlight - Fri 12th Jan 2018 1PM CT

Too often we forget. In our day-to-day, where the people, places and things of this world seem to move slowly along linear tracks and trajectories, it is easy to forget the streaming nature of our being. Things seem to happen too slowly or we forget to slow down internally to what, for many on this world, is still way too fast! How to function as a ‘streamer’ in an allegedly fixed world? Join us for the fun of being what we are, in a telegathering ‘between the worlds’. Life is more fun when we pool our essence and spend attention together… because what is time, anyway?

Streamer initiation for January is one of observation. Taking a look around at what bandwidths are emerging for us and how to focus our energies therein, instead of becoming distracted by ‘what was’.

This event is 30 minutes in length.

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Stay tuned as new retreat information will become available for 2018!


Featured Products this month

Essentials For Shifting
38.00 54.00

This audio transmission bundle contains two tracks, The Nature of Truth 12:04 minutes, and Relating In The Emerging Cycle 59:24 minutes. Offered now at a special bundle price during the month of December 2017, as relevant and timely information for the days and months ahead. Important transmissions that deepen awareness for living in resonance in the new emerging cycle. 

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Walk A(New)Way Bundle Pack

If you would like to help support Walk A(New)Way's book launch and Nalini’s ongoing work, this bundle includes

  • Walk A(New)Way PDF eBook
  • Walk A(New)Way Kindle edition 
  • Screensaver of the cover art for the book

Thank you for your support!

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