Special Offerings for the Month

Walk A(New)Way "Support" Purchase Price

If you would like to help support the book launch and Nalini’s work, here is an opportunity!  By paying the “list price” you receive:

~ Nalini’s gratitude and that of the Great Mother

~ a copy of the kindle edition of the book as well as the pdf version

~ an invitation to a special ‘after-party’ event held on 27th June at 1PM CT

Attendance at the ‘after-party’ will be for those who have chosen to support Nalini’s work by paying the “list price” for Walk A(New)Way and/or blogging about the book or promoting it in some other way.

During the 40-minute gathering, Nalini will read an excerpt from the book (every eligible attendee can submit a suggestion) and answer questions pertaining to the book and its process. 

Thank you for your support!

~unending light,


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