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Bealtaine Starstreaming - Sunday May 5th at 1:00 PM Eastern


The Bealtaine alignment is a smoothing of the energies of acceleration that have propelled us through the first quarter of this year. Still moving swiftly, the currents have gone deep. HER waters are swollen and heaving with possibliities. As the rush goes deeper, it may be tempting to rest. Let HER show you what, for you, is best. Join us! This will be fun!

Bealtaine is one of the four fire festivals of the cycle of each year. It marks the season as it turns from spring to early summer in the northern hemisphere and from fall to the beginnings of winter in the southern hemisphere.

This telegathering is 30 minutes in length. An mp3 recording will be available shortly after the LIVE broadcast and available for download for 28 days.

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