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Bealtaine Telegathering - Tues 1st May 1PM CT


Bealtaine is one of the four fire festivals of the cycle of each year. It marks the season as it turns from spring to early summer in the northern hemisphere and from fall to the beginnings of winter in the southern hemisphere. All along the Gaian continuum, the alignment resonates like a plucked string. The fire festival honors the passage from shadow into light, through the conduits of love and joy. when these energies mingle, spontaneous combustion occurs. Be ready for it! Join us for the celebration of life and light! Whether this is first fruiting or first harvest in your part of the world it is a sacred seam between realities that, this year, will roll back the veils for truth to be seen and honored.

This telegathering is 45 minutes in length. An mp3 recording will be available shortly after the LIVE broadcast and available for download for 28 days.

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