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Starstreaming - 13th April 2018 - Living As an Ever-Morphing Stream of Starlight

Starstreaming - Living as an Ever-Morphing Stream of Starlight - Fri 13th April 2018 1PM CT

Too often we forget. In our day-to-day, where the people, places and things of this world seem to move slowly along linear tracks and trajectories, it is easy to forget the streaming nature of our being. Things seem to happen too slowly or we forget to slow down internally to what, for many on this world, is still way too fast! How to function as a ‘streamer’ in an allegedly fixed world? Join us for the fun of being what we are, in a telegathering ‘between the worlds’. Life is more fun when we pool our essence and spend attention together… because what is time, anyway?

Streamer initiation for April is a full-fledged re-encoding of your light filaments. For anyone who missed the initial Starstream light coding initiations or upgrades, you won’t want to miss this one! For those who participated… this upgrade will take your bodies to a whole new level.

This event is 30 minutes in length.


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