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Starstreaming - Living as an Ever-Morphing Stream of Starlight - Fri 12th October 2018


Fri 12th October 2018 1PM CT - Nalini has been offering Starstream initiation transmissions since the summer of 2011. These initiations activate, ground, and assist in the integration of the light codings that have been dormant within our cellular structures. With 2018 we enter a new seven-year cycle. This year’s transmissions begin at a new beginning. With each activation our cellular structures receive upgrades of light, raising our vibrations. The higher we vibrate, the easier it is to navigate this or any world or reality. Come join us!

October's StarStream Initiation is one of deepening. As the constellations within us shift their positions, we become more aware of what we are. This month's initiation assists in letting us feel what we need to feel to become more of our true natures.

This event is 30 minutes in length.

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