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Equinox - Fri 22nd September 1PM CT

Equinox - Fri 22nd September 1PM CT

Whether this is vernal or autumnal equinox in your part of the world, the Equinox opening this September is lovingly referred to by the Great Mother as “the big bounce”.  It will have a trampoline effect, boosted by rocket launchers (attached to us). This is not another obliteration point, it is a monumental boost into the openings available at higher octaves of light and frequency opening into the upcoming Solstice in December.  This bounce is going to feel exactly like a trampoline.  A bit of a dip and a huge upward heave.  The Great Mother’s transmission for this opening holds the keys to navigation.

If this calls to you, please join us!

This call is 45 minutes.


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