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Lughnasadh - Mon 7th August 1PM CT

Lughnasadh - Early Harvest Early Seeding - Tue 7th August 1PM CT

The astrological cross-quarter alignment for Lughnasadh is on Tuesday, the 7th August.  Most traditions celebrate Lammas, or Lughnasadh, on August 1st, but the astronomical alignment holds the true opening and the greater power. This cross-quarter heralds first harvest in the northern hemisphere and first seeding in the southern. This season has been a sorting process, a threshing floor for new definitions of what we choose to be and choose not to be. New seeds of experience are being made available at the same time as new harvest is being brought in from all that we have sown thus far this year.

Lughnasadh is a fire-leap. What flames are you jumping? What are you shedding into these flames and what life and light will you draw from them?

Join us as we celebrate!

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