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Starstreaming Through 2017 - Sat 13th May 1PM CT

A monthly series of accelerated initiations into the realms of light, how to recognize, navigate and express these currents in your daily living. For each month of the coming year there is a starburst of light openings. The Circles of Light, alliances as old as forever, are coming to the fore as the new cycle turns. The Tibetans say “Recognition is Liberation”. Recognizing your participation in these circles of light liberates you to utilize their brightness and shine more magnificently in your streaming adventure in space-time.

The starburst opening for May is the delicate yet fiery cross quarter for Bealtaine. This is yet another acceleration point. This one is more specific and refined than the Equinox. NOT less powerful, more particular to how we have been choosing and what expansions are possible. Look for the expansions. What is gaining ground, so to speak, and what doors have closed (and need closure).  Let the alchemy/alterations propel you into uncharted yet oh-so-glorious seas!

This information is so important that we’ve lowered the price of these gatherings for this year, to encourage your participation.

This call is 30 minutes.