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Saraswati - Weds 26th April 1PM CT

A transmission from Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom, the Musical Arts, Speech and Learning… in honor of this new moon’s new beginnings.

Saraswati means “Woman of Water”, Sara meaning ‘essence’ or ‘elements’ in Sanskrit. The Veena that she holds symbolizes harmony, intelligence and intellect. She is often depicted riding upon a swan (discrimination and seeing between all worlds), accompanied by a peacock and sometimes associated with a doe. The archetypal form of Saraswati is particularly applicable at this time, as her two front arms reach into the world, her two ‘rear’ arms, support her rootedness (lotus) in the realms of the Infinite. She is the embodiment of being Infinite creativity in this world but not of it. If her essence calls to you, please join us in celebration of her aspects of the Great Mother’s gifts in this world.

This gathering is 45 minutes in length.