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Starstreaming Thru 2017 - Sat 9th December 1PM CT

A monthly series of accelerated initiations into the realms of light, how to recognize, navigate and express these currents in your daily living. For each month of this ramp-up year there is a starburst of light openings, making higher octaves of frequency and higher vibrations of reality possible for us all.

This is the final Starstream alignment for the ramping up of 2017. The Starstream series for 2018 will be quite different, though its essence will remain that of a playful acceptance of what appears to be whilst aligned with ‘what is’.

The starburst opening for December, pre-solstice, is the last stage of the rocket, the journey into the obliteration of the old world within each of us and into what we truly are. During this timeframe, in earth-space-time, the top of the current is reached. As we all move into the realities that await us, these bandwidths will open up like an expanding file, or fan or accordion (more like that). The slots or frequencies that are no longer suitable or appropriate for us will no longer be accessible. It may feel a bit disconcerting, as we move into our next numerical year, but what is left by the wayside or, finally, ‘behind’ is meant to be.

Join us for the ‘entry party’! There is much reason to celebrate!