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OSR - Oracular Sonic Resonator

Introducing the newly released Oracular Sonic Resonator, Breath of Love.

We are excited to announce Breath of Love, a 5-minute video experience that takes the viewer through a sequence of high frequency sounds and images. The experience will be unique to each individual. We recommend watching when you have a full five minutes or more, to take the time to fully engage and relax into the experience. View in full screen mode (control is bottom-right on video player) and use your best headphones or earbuds. What is an OSR?  Read below for the details, or click on the video and experience it first hand.

A still-frame from  Breath of Love , the latest Oracular Sonic Resonator

A still-frame from Breath of Love, the latest Oracular Sonic Resonator


Oracular Sonic Resonator (OSR) is an artistic transmission of sound and light. Immersion in its frequencies strengthens an individual’s field, allowing the Infinite to draw light, joy, inspiration and acceleration in consciousness through and into that field, creating stability within flow and an ever-increasing experience of inner (and outer) harmony. This is similar to having your inner portrait painted, or a soundtrack composed for the journey of your awakening. The accompanying transmissions are coded by Source so that they evolve and accelerate with your awakenings. It is a morphing vehicle for resonance tuning that deepens, expands and uplevels.

The OSR Breath of Love, is the first in a series of resonator products created to attune to high-resonance keys such as Abundance, Prosperity, Truth, Awareness, Presence, and Grace.

What is it worth to you?

An experiment in a new form of exchange

This is an experiment to test the waters of a new paradigm in offering our products.  We are not the first to try this; a donation-based system. We hope that it will prove to be a high-vibration way to offer our most heart-felt and creative products to those for whom it resonates.  

You are invited to experience our newest Oracular Sonic Resonator, Breath of Love. Try it once, or as many times as you like. It is yours to play with and experiment with the attunement of your consciousness to a higher and higher resonance. You will shift according to your own nature, state of being, state of mind and emotions, and according to the potential within you. This transmission supports your intent for awakening into your deepest inherent nature, your true self. 

If you like or love this product, give us your feedback with hearts and with comments! Donations are gratefully accepted. Donations will be used to acquire video equipment, software and computers, and to compensate the artists.

Note, the donation based product is not applicable to a Custom OSR at this time.