To all of you who have expressed the desire to ‘help out’, to ‘give back’ or to ‘give to’ in any form, thank you. It is appreciated beyond what words can express. Here is how you can donate and receive amplified blessings through the Infinite’s prosperity loop. Thank you again, in advance. ~ Nalini


Inspiration is the currency of light. Have you received benefit from Nalini’s work? If your breakthroughs inspire giving, this is your opportunity to magnify what you’ve received for yourself and others. As you share the fruits of what you have received and what inspires you, your energy flows even more openly and you become a Source for more abundance. It is the Infinite’s prosperity loop! 

Your donation of any amount helps to fund our Sound Resonance projects, our Retreat / Four-legged Assistance Center, and the Journeys about the planet that make all of this possible. While the Assistance Project is not yet a non-profit, we aspire to be! Boby thanks those of you who have donated to ‘his’ care and well-being as well! 

When you donate to light, light responds to light, raising your vibration and allowing you to receive even more. That is our wish for you in all of your endeavors.


Immersion Sponsorship $1000

Your donation of $1000 or more makes you eligible for:

  • preferred status (top of the list) for journeys and retreats
  • a special outing, quiet time or meal with Nalini on your next journey
  • A free gift of your choice of Sonic Resonator or Virtual Journey product
  • Gift attendance to one teleconference gathering

Help Fund Our Retreat Center

We are building a retreat  / four-legged assistance center for immersion in the light of the new cycle through earth, waters and sound. An important part of this project is community education and basic health and welfare assistance for the local street dogs (a huge population) and other local creatures.