Divine Mother Temple

The world has been a top-heavy patriarchal hierarchy for too long. It is time to re-introduce the frequencies, emanations and archetypes of the Divine Mother, the Source of our universe, into this world. As an incarnation of Divinity, Nalini has been transmitting information through the archetypes of the Divine Feminine for man years. These transmissions assist in the re-balancing process so needed on this world. Here, in our Divine Mother Temple, you are introduced to, or able to sit with, HER various archetypes and their attributes. Transmissions from the Goddess archetypes will be made available here for those new to Nalini’s work and for those wanting a re-immersion in HER Divine Grace.

The Goddess Isis Series: Online Course

The Great Mother archetype of Isis is one of the most revered. She represents abundance, magic, creation, rebirth and the arts in every form. Isis became the model on which future generations of female deities in other cultures were to be based. As the personification of the "complete female", Isis was called "The One Who Is All", Isis Panthea ("Isis the All Goddess"), and the "Lady of Ten Thousand Names". Her archetype represents the fully empowered, fully embodied light in feminine form.

This series of 9 transmissions, totalling almost 7.5 hours of audio, holds transmissions of empowerment direct from one of the oldest of Divine Feminine Sources.

This series is the first Divine Mother Temple product to be made available in a new, updated form on our Courses and Membership site - Divine Mother Portal. The transmissions are accompanied by introductions and supplementary pdf guides, including practice suggestions, for each chapter.

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