A Balance of Power ~

A Balance of Power ~

What does a balance of power look like? Feel like? What does it mean? How does it function? There are as many theories about this as there are minds to cook them up. What if it is time to move beyond the theoretical and into the practice of power?

In most patriarchal structures, balanced power means that the masculine controls everything, fueled by the feminine (though that is rarely admitted to) and any offspring therefrom (human, product, or otherwise) represents balanced energy. Isis, Osiris, Horus, is one example. Most predate our so-called modern religions, by the way.

In the Goddess traditions, the Goddess is said to hold the balance between good and evil, predator and prey. She stands, adamant, holding a space for balance. Examples of this, are Ma’at, the Egyptian Goddess whose scales are said to weigh souls departing the earth plane against a feather. “Blind Justice” is a more modern aspect of this archetype. Her scales are said to tell the truth. But is it a balanced truth? How would blindness ever accurately perceive?

Do any of our historical models represent balanced power? It is said that our world needs to shift from a love of power to the power of love. Clever cliché. And, in my humble observation, a bit lacking.

Divine Love is the creative power. It has been, in limited ways, by limited minds, vastly misunderstood.

Guided by Grace ~ Navigating the Shift

Guided by Grace ~ Navigating the Shift

Given: The world is going through a dark night transit and the energies thereof are accelerated for the next three months.
Solution: Let Grace guide you through.

What does that mean and what does it look like? Let’s start at the beginning. What do you want for the rest of this incarnation?

Caveat: Insider information: This incarnation is unique in that we have the opportunity to shift not only our lessons for this life but those for/form all of our lifetimes. Why would anyone want to do this? It opens us to more grace, to the realms of enlightenment and the full cellular embodiment thereof… which is where SHE is taking the light on this world… whether anyone is ready or not.

If you are still reading, you might be at least willing, if not ready. SHE assures me this is so.

A 'Star Wars' Reset~

A 'Star Wars' Reset ~

It took awhile for the “Star Wars Day” thing to make sense to me. My first thought was, “silly,” then it became hilarious and, therefore, made more sense. Brilliant marketing strategy and something the SW generations could laugh about together. Another blessing .

I spent yesterday walking my blessings. A thing I love to do. The walk involves favorite places, doings, and beings. In the physical, if possible, and in essence, when not. It is a walk of gratitude.

Some gratitude walks involve an inner repetition of “Love and Thank You” with every step. Invoking HER Grace and Wisdom. With each foot fall, I make the time to pay attention. Blessing HER, blessing Gaia, for how richly supported we all are. It was a good day. A wonderful day, in fact. And that made me wonder why every day has not seemed to quite measure up, if you know what I mean.

Why has each day not been experienced as “wonder-full”? More and more, as my shift in consciousness has deepened, I have experienced wonder. Wonder as a state of being, rather than as gobsmack or the act of wondering. I do experience the magic, the light, HER music, in each and every day. And yet, I notice that the collective habit of negative framing, down-playing, and focusing on what needs fixing tends to color the periphery of my awareness… if I do not gently, and thoroughly, sweep it away.

Life is truly about the little things. The love I exchange with the tree outside my window and the landscape beyond. The time I make, even if minutes only, to practice some chi gong and yoga to bring light and life force into my body. My muscles giggle like children as the light is given center stage. Favorite foods consumed with consciousness. Favorite experiences, same.

Are there things I still do unconsciously? Most likely. We are conditioned to be creatures of habit. We are taught, by action and inference, that habits are an efficient form of life management. Learn how to tie your shoes and you will do it automatically and never have to think about it again. Is this practical? Only when thinking is your guide. Actions performed automatically, without having to think about them, have been held up as better and more efficient. Why? Because we can then perform an action automatically while thinking about something else. Or so we have been conditioned. What if we performed an action with no thought at all?

There is a difference between thinking about something, mistaking that for focus, and being with that same something, keeping our awareness present in the moment.

When we learn something new, our minds need to flow through the process, step by step. Do you remember how you learned to tie your shoes? Probably not. That process is now so internalized that your mind no longer needs the step by step data. Or, you wear non-lacing shoes. Me too, most of the time. Easier on and off, and mine come off frequently!

Internalizing action steps is one of the ways consciousness builds upon itself. An internalized skill is something we become. Do we become the shoe-tying process? In that moment, yes, when we infuse essence into action without thought. Optimal action happens when we act from the impulses of essence, without thinking. This flies in the face of so much of what we are taught, does it not? “Think before you act!” is something we are taught as children. What interested me, as the child hearing those words, was that I was being directed to think first but not necessarily during, my actions. Somehow, I knew to break down the instruction into its essence. SHE guided that, certainly.

Conventional wisdom dictates that we consider the consequences before taking an action. This mental conditioning is called wisdom for a reason. What we forget is that this form of “reason” is a learning tool for the process of being in this world. We are conditioned to believe, “if this, then that.” We learn about consequences and how our teachers learned to avoid those that are unwanted. But, how might SHE teach us to navigate another way? Is fear of unwanted consequences the best way to live? Is it any way to be?


This is our current learning cycle. An initiation point, a reset, if we let it be so. The new moon / Bealtaine alignment is an opportunity to pay more attention. It brings clarity. Clarity of focus on what matters. What is the fastest way to find out? Relax into the little things, and observe where goes the flow. Where does your focus naturally take you? This will either be an ingrained pattern, or your natural, authentic, instinctual preference. The latter guides your way. How to tell the difference? How does it feel?

Few seek out the resistance issues that pain shows us. And yet, paradoxically, the last cycle was mentally ruled by “No pain, no gain.” SHE has patiently waited, guided, and comforted us through that transit. A transition that now needs to complete. {Celebrations in many dimensions!}

Say, the pain of a certain issue causes you to feel anger. The anger is there to show you something. Re-setting your inherent spiritual authority and power happens when you explore the root of any issue rather than taking it at face value or ignoring it. This observational deep dive brings you closer to whatever the issue is trying to show you. This sounds mental until it isn’t. Double entendre intended.

We can choose to let this Bealtaine alignment assist us in re-setting our lives! It is HER blessing ceremony, a purification by inner fire. As resistance burns, we are left with our purity of intent.


And so, we circle back to consequences. Consequences are circumstances. Circumstances need not be feared, only dealt with. Each moment holds an optimal action, solution, resolution, and reward {blessing}. Rewards are reaped by resting in Presence {the ultimate blessing}.

Here is one of HER breadcrumbs, baked for the occasion. “Thank you that SHE is present and has this moment well in hand. “ Let the gratitude fit the occasion… aspiring to let HER uplift every occasion.

And there we have it. A new practice. One of many. We can relax into gratitude, into HER safe space, and let HER light our way.

A blessed Bealtaine to one and all

May the Fourth, be with you!



Accelerated Ascension ~ Not what you Think

Accelerated Ascension ~ Not what you Think

Each turn of this year’s wheel marks an acceleration in the earth’s energies. What does that mean? The frequencies of Gaia are altering, shifting to new levels, and we with them. The coming Bealtaine alignment is yet another initiation into higher octaves of light. What to do? How to use this opening? Meditate. Be Present. Stay Open. By “open” I mean open to Source, the Universe, our Divine Mother, rather than to the people, places and things of ‘the world.’

Open is a strange concept within duality. We think, and therefore vibrate, ‘open’ and we also then vibrate ‘closed.’ And, so, our consciousness vacillates between these two polarized states or concepts.

A Different Now ~

A Different Now ~

I’ve just spent not quite three weeks in a power spot. Three weeks! Imagine! So much has shifted and changed it doesn’t bear tracking. I recalled, at one point, wondering what it would be like to live in such a place. Longing for it, in fact. Funny, when our dreams come true. Can one live in a crucible for any length of time? I’d like to find out. So would some of you. BUT we have to be kinder to our bodies. Letting a power vortex have its way with you isn’t always pretty. Shit happens. Sometimes literally. Always emotionally. And that is a good thing in a world where real feelings are suppressed and false ones harvested, more than not.

Entitlement, Reparations & Repairs ~

Entitlement, Reparations & Repairs ~

Since the Equinox, so for a fortnight or so, I have had bouts of memory show up. Memories of this life, mostly, thank goodness! It gets a little crazy-making when they show up from many all at once. And, I notice, the scenarios or montages are showing up in neat packages of threes. SHE is employing one of HER attention-getting devices. We have that one worked out, my mind, my awareness, my body and SHE. Though, as I am in blissful, much-needed stillness next to the sea, my heart is rejoicing, still these memories pop in.

I sometimes feel that SHE chooses moments when we are harmonized and at peace to show us things we would rather not remember or things we fear to see. I lost the fear of remembering anything long, long ago now. And so, I am more like Alice when the memories come. “Curiouser and curiouser.”

What To Do ~ "Take Heart"

What To Do ~ “Take Heart”

I’ve been asked that, over and over through the years, “what do I do?”. There is, literally, only one answer. Take heart. Take HER heart. It is ever freely offered.

The awakening process is, first and foremost, a process. There are no silver bullets, or instant manifestations, though the latter do show up from time to time. And, awakening is not achieved by an arduous climb up an impossible mountain, in search of an elusive promised treasure at the top. For those who buy into that myth, there will ever be mountains. I’ve enjoyed a good climb or three. And yet…

When SHE shows The Way, it is through the heart. Courage. A quality so-named for its resonance with “La Cœur / La Corazón”. “The heart”, in many languages. I used to think courage meant facing down all inner and outer demons no matter what or when. Funnily enough, it does, but not in any way my mind might have imagined. I imagined taking the bullets for the team, being the one to wear the Kevlar, making the ultimate sacrifice (du jour) in honor of the light… and so it does… but not that way.

There is another way.

HER way is that of steadfastness, yes; of forbearance, yes. Of martyrdom? NO!!!! No, no, no, no! Step away from the fires, children! The Divine Mother is a nurturing, guiding, gentling force. An Invincible Force, she is though. Once summoned, nothing stands in HER way.

SHE beckons us to follow our hearts. These paths, and there are oh, so very many, always lead us home. The heart leads us into HER, into HER heart.

There is heart in the natural world, the rocks, the seas, the earth, the trees and the creature beings, our allies, one and all! Last year, I was privileged to enjoy Elephant Dream-time. Sacred space, if ever was. The whales hold the same space, but in a different way. Their songs weave the world as one. This year I am further privileged to enjoy ‘roos, koalas, and cockatoos… imagine, to greet these beings in the wild! Oh frabjous day! A friend from the southern hemisphere, visiting me in California, felt the same way about raccoons, skunks, and foxes. How amazing to experience them as beings rather than photographs!

Today, I am privileged to be able to see the sea from this window, behind whose glass I am protected from cold, wind, and wave. And yet… HER waves are always with me. I feel the wind as its currents lift the air. I feel the waves and the light thereon. So do you, truth be told. You feel the growing movement of the trees, the greening and browning of the standing people, as Gaia’s seasons flow and change.t


I feel the movement of wind and light on water, even from where I sit. This is HER heart. We reside in HER heart, yet, so often, we recognize it not.

What rests in your heart today? Are you willing to let it out to play?

Mother made me. I am SHE. I am grateful.

Divine Feminine Enlightenment ~ Embodiment 'by any Other Name' ~

Divine Feminine Enlightenment ~ Embodiment 'by any Other Name' ~

The light ladled through me has shifted hues, tonalities, tracks, trajectories, currents, and, even, seas. Over the decades, SHE has deepened within me as SHE does within us all. I have offered HER teachings in various forms, through various classes, and in transmissions that only a few have truly acknowledged and received.

The receiving thereof doesn’t matter. That sounds odd, perhaps, as what matters manifests. But it is true. My ‘job’ is the embodiment and delivery of HER love. It has gone through many iterations, as there are so very many ‘ears to hear.’ It is not my job to manage how HER gifts are received. Light is intelligence. It knows what to do, the how, the when and the articulations thereof.

Years ago, as my deeper awakenings began, I offered myself to HER. My lineages, all that I had been taught, though always filtered by HER, had been of the masculine ilk. Such is the false light (and, some of the true) on this world.

When the Cookies Crumble ~ Solving for "X"

When the Cookies Crumble ~ Solving for "X"

What a year it has been thus far! It’s a good thing we like change, yes? No need to worry about living on and among the crumbs anymore, and giant ants are only science fiction!

How to get from HERE { point A, where you seem to be now} to THERE {point B, where you seem to want to be}? Solve for X. “X” represents the chasm between where you believe you are now and where you want to be or what you want to become.Solving for “X” is the process you go through to get from point A (where you think you are) to point B (where you want to be).

Is the multiverse that mathematical? Yes and No, Either, Neither, and All Three. Welcome to the quantum leaps of the day to day. For every “X” there are Infinite solutions.

Plumbing the Depths of Feeling ~

Plumbing the Depths of Feeling ~

Before you roll your eyes and ignore this, or save it for when you have a glass of something in hand…know that the way to clarity is through the heart.

Sometimes the heartache we try to avoid is the catalyst that takes us to a higher level of feeling.

Today I watched The Notebook for the first time. I know, I’m a Martian. I had never seen it and needed something in the background while I ploughed through a pile of editing. The film seemed to highlight, along with the tear-jerking Hollywood agenda from which I remained thankfully immune, how painful and yet powerful love can be.

As the pain of how much we love is part of what is churning up at the moment, I thought to write about it.

There is an ocean of grief to be traversed as we awaken. As sensitives, as streaming beings of love-light, we come into this world with no comprehension that what we know love to be could possibly become so distorted, twisted, and subverted into misery. We grieve this condition early and we grieve it long.

We are conditioned to take on and to carry the “grief of the world” in our emotional and physical bodies. We receive this conditioning through genetic inheritance, familial imprinting and social norms. Women, in particular, and also the “feminine” in men, are heavily programmed to take on this grief and carry it.

You have, perhaps, heard of “emotional weight”? Many of our overweight or over-burdened conditions have to do with carrying the weight of excess emotions, most of them not our own.

As we dissolve our egoic programming and conditioning, the iceberg of our unconscious starts to rise above the surface of the world’s collective seas. As this happens, we are confronted with the “ocean of grief” we carry as part of our unconscious and subconscious patterns and in our emotional bodies. Global warming is not the only culprit in rising coastal waters!

The way out of the churning emotional waters is, like it or not, through them. As we meditate, and the grief moves through us, we first have to recognize what is happening. “There is grief moving through me/my body.” Next, we need to be as still as possible, open our hearts to Source and let HER open us to the feelings pouring through. No one ever wants to do this. No one ever wakes up without getting through this.

This can’t be saved for “next time,” or some other year or lifetime. Every time it comes back around it comes stronger. The longer one waits, the more feelings there are to move. Best to get on with it when it begins. the “ocean of grief” feels endless. It feels as though we will drown and be swallowed up forever in endless grief. This is not so. The grief is finite. Knowing that got me through. Perhaps it will help you as well.

As we become still and let the grief move, we appear to sink deeper in. Using the image or metaphor of the ocean can help. As the feelings threaten to overwhelm, let yourself sink deeper. Eventually you will touch bottom. And then, something amazing happens.

When I was a little girl, I used to swim to the bottom of the pool, all the way at the farthest edge of the deep end. I loved the light moving through the water above me. I loved the stillness. I loved the peace. And, I learned a lot about breath control, as a side effect! ;)

When you touch bottom in the “ocean of grief”, the bottom opens up and you fall through in a rain of sand and starlight. Before this happens, however, the waters will seem to overwhelm you. Everything goes darker and darker until you surrender. {Hint: Surrender early!} When you surrender to HER process, you will observe that the waters recede, dry up, or seem to disappear. What was underneath this ocean that was never yours to carry, was always a quiet ecstasy. Peace. Forgiveness. Joy. LIGHT.

Once fully traversed, the “ocean of grief” never affects you the same way again. You can view the immersion of others with both compassion and dispassion, understanding the illusion and the pain. There will no longer be any need for you to carry that weight in your bodies, ever again. You will be able to look on with love and laughter, encouraging others to make the crossing, or simply observing as they find their way.

Wallowing in grief, or other so-called negative emotions, serves no one, least of all yourself. The way through this crossing, this churning before the Equinox window, is to feel deeply, whilst letting go.

Where do you feel grief? Remorse? Anguish? Where do you lack self-forgiveness? This is what weighs you down and keeps your life from taking off in magical directions. This is what is up for clearing in each of us and in the collective. Carrying the collective is not your responsibility. Never was. Never will be. No one’s collective, not even your family’s. Especially not theirs. Trust me on this.

Planetary energies are transitioning, regardless of anyone’s evolution, experience, or endurance levels. You have all three.

What are you waiting for?


And if you need an encouraging hand, a laugh to get you through… I’m here waiting.


Stillness in the Heart ~

Stillness in the Heart ~

The way to let Stillness guide you through any storm, to let it be the eye of the hurricane, is to cultivate the sacred space of the heart. The heart, and we’re not talking about the physical muscle here, though there are parallels, is the gateway to the worlds of the awakened. Cultivating the heartspace within is a bridge that opens into the Divine Mother, the pure, clear, light.

The world seems to be having a full-blown panic attack. Life is imitating hell in new and terrifying ways, in the collective and, some days, in our personal arenas. How do we navigate this, at all, and with any kind of ease and grace? As with all things, the “how” is up to HER. Source’s job, not ours. To bridge the gap between the day to day consciousness of wanting to “do” and HER grace, we need to cultivate sacred space.

Stalking Our Stories ~

Stalking Our Stories ~

What do you still want to impress? How aware are you, of the implications of the stories in your head? Some of this type of seeking has to do with respect or admiration or career advancement. Some is more subtle. Most of what is up in the collective is both more obvious and more subtle and definitely all-pervasive. Over the full moon I noticed that leftover trauma imprints were shaking loose within my physical and emotional bodies. Shaken, but not yet stirred. What would it take to stir them to the surface?

On Dreaming

On Dreaming

SHE has asked me to write about the awake state. I don’t write about anything else, truly, but there is a way of putting things directly that I have long avoided.

Sometimes, when I sit to write for you, there are the obvious things “up.” Things that have come up in sessions over the past week, or all.the.things. that are wonky in a world gone weird. Over the past three days, SHE has moved so quietly through me…