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Energy Update for 18 -21 Nov ~

Energy Update for 18-21 Nov

Hey there ~
Source doesn't typically have me send out something like this. I am certain that is because so many others do such a good job of it. THIS transit, however, SHE is adamant about.

Yes, there is particular astrology for the 18th through the 21st involving relationships and money. No, I am not going to recount it because if you feel so inclined you will be guided to exactly what you need to hear.

Be attentive to this time. In a year of reset points, it is a flux nexus for deep and lasting change.  This is a destiny-changer. A Source-and-Gaia designed crossroads, intersection, roundabout or whatever your preferred direction-changing modality might be.  I looked at the energies, at HER request and my only possible comment was... WOW.

The fields experiencing the most shift are relating (and relationships) and money (and/or our relationship to money) and how our relationships relate to our finances. It is all about to change.

As with any fundamental shift, everything will change from the inside out. The torquing of our energies, the wringing out of the past week, continues. As more space is made, during this time when obsolete energies are literally being wrung out of us, it is filling with higher light. More energy. Higher vibrations. The disparity between older vibes and this new influx will be obvious and clear.

Letting Source make the necessary changes in our fields, bodies, and lives is the only optimal strategy. Isn't it always? Yes, truth be told. And in this timing, it is essential. How to surf this? Be aware, acknowledge and let go. Over and over and over as many times as anything is presented to you. Some of it will be wondrous. Don't hold onto that... let it pass through you and become part of you. Let the wonder replace leftover fear or anything else in your bodies that cannot vibrate at these new levels.

There will be moments of clarity around relating and finances. Some of them may come as triggers. Others may come as moments of 'aha' or 'duh'. This is an epiphany kind of transit. Most of which will make us laugh, after the fact... or maybe, hopefully, during.

What is the best way to be aware of these energies? Be in love. In... the vibration of love.

The 'Mary' that I used to be sometimes thought things like "Oh all this love stuff is sappy because humans don't get it anyway and I came in 'getting it' and the warrior part of me just wants to get ON with everything and yes, of course, love is the key... but until there is more of it around, let's get out the swords and DANCE..." She was a great role to wear and she served Source well. And she had to be transcended because some of the threads that got her through everything she needed to get through were just that... threads that wore kind of bare and thin after a lifetime of use. They held vast amounts of light but it wasn't enough. Not for what was ahead for this world and for me.

She morphed many times, as we are all continuing to morph now. I chat with her once in a great while... "You had it right about the love didn't you?" I said to her yesterday.  "Still think it's sappy?" "No, and I was right about the weapons too. At least we finally agree on most of it..." And 'we' do. The being that I am now, understands the being that she was and is. We are all going through this kind of morph. Our past selves showing up to help us acknowledge moments of glory as well as moments we would rather keep forgetting.

The being we are bursting into is not the being we were, nor the being we will become. And each role, each costume, is magnificent. This is a good transit to release whatever comes up with acceptance, acknowledgment, and forgiveness if that is needed.

"Thank you, Infinite Source, that every effect of all of my 'mistakes' of any of my actions that I would have taken back or done differently, have been transmuted and/or mitigated by you. Thank you that this is so." Then let it go.


Are you ready to fly?

What is being empowered by this transit is new creation from new seeds planted in new fields.

Even if what you are dreaming has familiar tonalities, components, flavors, colors or other qualities to your 'old dreams', THIS IS NEW and it will require fresh implementation as things manifest in new ways.

The shift is happening now. BEFORE the solstice updraft. The more you can relax into love the swifter fear's demise.

Much luck and much love with your morphing advaenture!

Let's Talk Time ~

Let's Talk Time ~

What is time? What is a timeline? One way of perceiving a timeline is that it is a singularity or current within the Infinite seas. A timeline represents a seemingly linear flow through a series of experiences and events. 'Time' is the measure of our progress within a flow, track or trajectory. Why does that matter? Have a read and see.

Matter And Spirit Not Separate, But One

Matter And Spirit Not Separate, But One


There is no such thing as “mundane life”. “There are No Ordinary Moments” ~ Dan Millman

If you believe that your physical day-to-day is separate from your spirituality, your integrity, your lightstreams, then you are part of the vast majority of spiritual seekers who have been taught a misconception during the past cycle. Matter and Spirit are not, have never been and never will be, separate. The point of following your light streams, living your light, is not to hide that away in meditation or ‘under a bushel’ in order to be safe and un-persecuted, but to actually live your light as an embodiment of the frequencies of Source that you resonate.

Many fall into the practices that allegedly lead to enlightenment, wholeness, the arms of the Great Mother (which is more accurate, truth be told) in order to escape the pain of their daily lives, to be more productive, to have a way of being different in what feels to a Starstream like an indifferent world...

Shock and Raw

Shock and Raw

Here is what is possible for us, for you, oh shining ones! What can happen is that this 'shock and raw’ event can shake you to your seed forms. Not your roots. Those have been assailed much of late. What can now dissolve are the seed forms, the illusions of seemingly tiny encapsulated forms that create worlds, realities, universes, that hold the parameters that form experience out of the infinite. This is real! This is how it all functions! Your mind and everyone/thing around you will tell you that is not important and it doesn’t matter and THAT is why new realms do not manifest for you!

Is it easy? Well, yes, from a certain point of view…

New Cycle New Rules - What Not To Do

New Cycle New Rules - What Not To Do

... Navigating around and through global ‘worst fear’ states that are attracting exactly those conditions, makes it challenging to see through the fog and also through what we might be attracting as these fractal or partial fields come up to be purged.  They are purging. This is what is occurring. It will not feel that way while you are swimming (or drowning) in them, so HER advice is to be light-lifted into your authentic and true light. To do that, you have to replace the fear vibration with HER love. Not human love ~ although it helps ~ but HERS. Source love-light.

How? First acknowledge the fear, even if it is non-specific in nature, or especially if it is VERY specific… think ‘abandonment, rejection, destitution, betrayal', and the ‘self-‘ forms of those states. Acknowledge and ask for help in finding compassion for those states within yourself. Don’t try to do this for others, you’ll drown. There is too much afloat and afoot. Do your own work ...

Shifting Configurations

Shifting Configurations

The whole world, every inhabitant of lovely Gaia, is going through what Carlos Castaneda called an assemblage point shift.  Our config files are not being upgraded but swapped out for something altogether new! A whole new configuration.

Whatever you still have within your various bodies that resonates with bits of the old cycle is now being triggered. Massively. This is not a punishment, it is not a ‘no pain, no gain’ scenario. This is so that you can feel your bodies’ resonances and use your conscious awareness to facilitate the shifting of your choosing.

In other words, if you recognize what is triggering as something leftover and leaving, focus on what your true aspirations are, and let the Great Mother hold you there. This begins your moving into harmony with your molting, your calving like a glacier, your complete morph-in-place that is happening right now, any way or where you are. You begin to move with the shift as a completely new being.

Starstream: the adult infancy remix

Starstream: the adult infancy remix

What is being experienced at this time is physical and energetic infancy in adult bodies. New reality means new bodies, re-woven from the inside out.

It has been said that when a world goes through the kind of transition Gaia is experiencing, most of the inhabiting life forms are removed. Those wishing to continue life on that world are literally reborn into new physical forms. Residing in a grown body through this kind of restructuring is largely unprecedented on physical worlds like this one.

Not Knowing What To Do

Not Knowing What To Do

We are well and truly in the ‘in between’ and times of great uncertainty.  There is a gift in not knowing. It pushes us into surrender, yes, and also does one more very important thing.  Not knowing creates an opening into Source, into Divinity.  This is a cycle of looking for the openings and moving into and through them, while letting go of fear.  The opening created by not knowing, however, is very specific and can be utilised to help us shift things.

When you hear yourself think “I don’t know what to do” there is a process that takes place in your mind and body.  The mind instantly grabs, leaps, stretches, twists to find defaults it can use to create some kind of comfort zone, no matter how tiny.  That ‘comfort’ space is then amplified by the emotional body to make the physical body feel better.  The false ‘feel better’ feeds an unconscious addiction to itself that then nourishes a self-fulfilling cycle.  No matter how much you want this to not be true, this is how the mechanics of mind function in order to try to keep you ‘functional’.  And in a really dysfunctional way!  No fault here.  This is how the mind has been trained.